A thought on an underutilized Pld stat

Note: This will go a bit in to what my own vision of a Pld should be, it’s purely my opinion.

I have been tanking on Pld quite a bit the last few months and I also took Drk to 60 and have played both in Experts and Alexander normal, I’ll be the first to say I don’t raid savage and probably never will, but after playing both tanks I did notice one specific thing about Pld that I believe could be used more.

A Pld has usually been seen as a defender of the weak and using their weapon to destroy evil and holy power to smite their enemies. I feel as though Pld is severely lacking when it comes to the latter category, as is, Flash is only ever useful for AoE tanking and since bosses are immune to blind, I never even touch the button anymore on single target fights. As it stands the only reason to ever use MP on a single target fight is maybe to cast the occasional Clemency which by and large we never need to do.

Goring Blade is the most damaging pld move but every time I used Riot Blade for the combo on a boss while at full MP I felt as though the secondary effect RB (MP restore) served no purpose. So what I’m suggesting is this, give pld a single target oGCD Holy themed attack that costs MP with say a 5-10 second cd or less. Let me say straight up that I am not (repeat NOT) asking that Pld have the same MP management system as drk, what I am saying however, is that I believe Pld should have more reason to use their MP on a single target boss fight offensively.

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