A more summonery FFXIV Summoner

1. When rouse/spur/enkindle is used the egi takes on a bigger form and/or they change into a much smaller version of their original primal.

2. new summons ramuh caster dps shiva tank leviathan melee dps adding glamour only to corresponding summons emerald carbuncle can only be glamoured with garuda topaz only with Titan. It doesn’t make sense to have titan or ifrit cast wind magic and vice versa.

3. summon I, II, and III are different class types while picking the egi to summon via the pet window. example- summon I is a caster DPS, summon II gives pets tank ability set and, summon III melee FFXIV DPS. in pet window you choose a form the egi will take garuda/titan/ifrit/leviathan/ramuh/shiva all those will have a set of caster abilities that are the element of the egi, I feel this could be a better option to use any pet you wish and have it serve the type of role you want it to play. all they would have to do is change the skin of abilities not hard to do.

4. going along with number 3 give the summoner stances (since it seems all jobs are getting different stances) that choose the egi instead of pet window that enhance the summoner/party depending on the egi/stance used. but you may run into only one egi being used more than others due to stance. Changing stance could also change your egi to that element. Example- in garuda stance gives spell speed to summoner but a big attack is about to happen switch to titan stance egi changes to titan and you get DEF boost

I personally enjoy summoner and feel SE did a great job coming up with this class. But there are a few things that are a bit disappointing as with all jobs. its my favorite job out of all the series. but just changing the skin just doesn’t do it for me.. I really think option 3 is a pretty good idea.

1) What would the bigger and better primals do?

2) What would be different about them that would set them apart from ifrit/garuda/titan egis? We need quality over quantity, there’s already almost no reason to ever not use ifrit egi.

3) There’s already an egi glamour system in the works

4) Bahamut Trance will give the summoner a damage increase along with allowing the use of abilities bahamut himself uses. Elements in this game do nothing so switching “Egi stance” to a different element would be useless.

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