A huge disadvantage for new FFXIV players?

So, recently i made a new character on a new server, people don’t seem to realise how difficult it is to now do stuff once reaching lvl50, so today i am ilvl 66, it has taken me 2-3 days to get that, from doing CT1, and a few lvl 50 dungeons, and buying stuff from MB, today during a Copper Bell HM and a Brayflox HM people dropped out multiple times because me and my fiancee (who is a paladin) could not “perform to their standards” for example, big pulls, high DPS, and not loosing aggro (A il60 Paladan vs a 110 Level synced DPS) They were vulgar, offensive and selfish. Now We like to play the new player card, get them to explain tactics and such as if we had never done it before, and this went badly.

So my main worry is, new players that come once Heavensward is released, and later, they are going to have a lot of trouble.

P.s Yes we played the new player card in our FC aswell, too which they replied, “Can’t help you, busy with raiding, crafting, other stuff” over a 3 day period, nobody helped us, so we always had to queue.

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