A gentle feedback rant about extending subscription

When I login through the main site, why does it ask for my birthday, country and nickname? And when I input my username as nickname, it says it’s already in use? How does that make any sense? Then I input random letters as nickname and it says my account was created today even though I’ve been using the very account to play the game for a month now.

Next I find out that I need to launch the launcher and press “Account” there which takes me to a new page to log in with different layout than the main page. Now I’m checking to make sure I’m even on the right page and not in a fake site.

So, I’m finally logged in and I want to extend my game subscription. You only take Steam/Steam Wallet? And Steam doesn’t take Paypal as a subscription payment option. Now, that’s not this site’s fault; that’s Steam’s problem.

I look around for an alternative payment option that would let me use Paypal, so I’m on my profile and I try to sign up for recurring subscription payments and the website’s layout changes completely, and now I’m making sure again that I am on the legimitate page. After that’s over with, I find that there’s no Paypal option. Why not?

What I end up having to do is use Steam Wallet for one time payment, I need to add funds to Steam, Steam sends me to Paypal, Paypal checks my bank account (although no user interaction here), and now I have funds in Steam to pay for the next 30 days.

You can probably tell that I’m getting a little frustrated but ‘ey, I got my 30 days of gameplay and I can continue playing this amazing game! I truly do love the game! But I thought I’d give some feedback to the forums. The forum’s layout is different from all the other layouts mentioned previously.

Alright, so I login in the forums and it asks for my nickname, I don’t know why, maybe for security reasons? But whatever, I put my casual nickname and it’s available, woo!

Then I try to go to the forums; “You cannot use forum until you’ve selected main character” … WHAT?! Whatever, I select my main character and press “save changes” and the website refreshes. “You cannot use forum until you’ve selected main character” ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW. Okay maybe it’s a bug. I try three times more, and the same thing… Then I see the little grey star in the grey background and I click on it. Apparently that’s how you select your main even though when you click on a character, it highlights it, which I thought was the way to select it.

And now I’m finally here, writing this. It’s a bit of a rant, but I thought I should share my experience. Now, I love FFXIV, it’s a really fun game and I haven’t had any trouble in it so far. Community is lovely and helpful!

Anyways, this is the rant about my experience trying to extend my subscription and coming to the forums.

P.S. This is apparently too long for a single post. It’s only 2.8k characters!

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