A few things to make the Feast more active next season with rewards with least work

A big thing about Feast right now and pvp in general is that the rewards seem to be paltry and meager while at the same time seemingly unattainable. I mean, with a MMO with over a million players, a lot of people may find top 100 to be just a dream and they won’t go through the trouble of playing the Feast.

My first suggestion, make the Feast armor rewards go as follows that you receive as you rank up:

Bronze – Bronze Necklace and Feast Boots
Silver – Silver Necklace and Feast Gloves
Gold – Gold Necklace and Feast Legs
Platinum – Platinum Necklace and Feast Body
Diamond – Diamond Necklace and Feast Crown

I personally like this because you won’t have people fretting over losing rank……. and therefore not playing for the rest of the season over cool looking glamour. It also pushed people to play more. It also effectively increases the number of rewards by five times, instead of giving everything out in one spot you spread it out and make it look substantially more and while the glamour rewards won’t necessarily increase for top 100 players, they certainly do for more casual players which is the whole point.

Feast rewards regarding the top 100 and top 10 should be as given out at the end of the season as follows:

Top 100 – Special Mount
Top 10 – Special Title
Top 1 – Trophy

Another thing that would be cool is to give out a little badge representing your current tier, similar those Mentor crowns everyone goes crazy about. Think about people obsessed with looking ‘pro’ but never having interest in PVP? When they see that pro player with a diamond next to their name they will want it too, simple as that. Whether or not they should be given as you rank up AND down in tier or given out at the end of the season is up for debate. I personally think given out as you go, again to prevent stagnation.

I really believe this is superior to SE’s current system and it also has less work involved than other things I have thought up of as you only have to implement the new icons to put next to peoples names in game(should be easy, they have done it before with mentor crowns), adding one mount, adding one title. Only 3 relatively small things to implement while everything else already comes with the Feast regardless of the system.

Hope you all will like this idea and I hope SE STRONGLY considers doing this as it fixes a lot of the problems of non participation, sitting on rating, lack of rewards and belief that those rewards are unattainable and therefore not worth wasting the time.

edit: I also want to add one more thing to discourage one type of behavior that might show up with heightened participation and that is more lore/eso farmers. Make wins reward 30 eso 15 lore while losses only get 10 eso 5 lore. Makes losing a waste of time. Numbers can be changed but really this should happen regardless.

Thanks for reading.

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