A few FFXIV questions (In game and buying the game)

Buying the game question

So I started a trail about 3 to 4 days ago using steam. Would I be able to continue with my character(s) if I buy the a copy form this site or in a store? Or am I stuck using the steam version?

In game Question

So base on the classes (when you make a character), I assume you can’t craft as an archer. What about materia? Would I be able to at least make that? How do I sell stuff?

Is there some kind of fraction in this game? I notice on the picture above that there is a judge dude form FF 12. If so, when do I choose the side I want to fight for?

Is there a way to transfer items form character to character in the same account?

Which classes are highly demanded (aside form a healer. Everyone loves those)?

Are there guilds? If so where do I find one to join?

How do I get good equipment? What level do I have to be to start doing this? (I’m a lvl 16 archer right now).

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