A couple Final Fantasy XIV Questions

So I’m gonna start with the easier ones and work my way down adding anymore that come to me in further posts.

In regards to allowances, I’m seeing a lot of contradicting info on the web (3 a day, 4 a day, 3 per 12 hrs, 4 per 12 hours being the most common). So what exactly is it?

Is there any way to get more allowances per day? There’s a part two to this question coming up next!

What am I doing wrong? So I’m taking my time (I took a week to hit my first class to 30). I have done all the starter quests in my first zone, all my class quests to level as soon as I could (Arcanist), I unlocked every leve quest area along my way, I’ve done as many fates as I come across, I’ve done my hunting log for my class keeping it up to my level. At level 28 I ran out of stuff to do. I had the choice of going to another starting zone and doing low level quests or grinding leve’s. I went with the leve’s I had 12 when I started and ended with 7 doing my level leve’s (failed 2 and restarted). I hit 30 and started my second class and went to another newbie area grinding my hunt log and all the lowbie quests for that area, along with as many fates as I came across. I ran out of stuff to do at level 12 (unable to kill level 19 mob in my hunt log so couldn’t continue with that either) I grinded a few more leve’s to hit 15. All this is interspersed with rested xp as I take a 19-20 hour break between playing (work and sleep) Now I’m starting my summoner and I worrey I don’t really have anything left with which to grind the next three classes with other then fates and leve’s. I want to try Black Mage, Summoner, and Dragoon, but I’m not sure how to keep leveling up as I simply don’t get enough allowances to keep going. A little research online tells me everything I’m doing should be FAR more then enough to level my chosen classes up but it just doesn’t seem to be enough and now I have nothing left and still have 3 classes to level to get my jobs.

Reading online the best way to level crafting and gathering profs is leve quests is this true? If so should I avoid spending anymore on generic quests and save them for my chosen professions (Botany, Fishing, Alchemy, Cooking)?

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