A brief treatise on Eikons 2: Their unseen influence

Note: Eikon here refers to all summons, I don’t much like Primal due to regarding it as theologically inaccurate.

So one question that I’m sure has been on people’s minds regarding eikons is on the nature of tempering (or blessed, drowned etc) and such individuals coming about before the summoning of the creature in question.

Prior to summoning, many beastmen tribes kidnap people to be tempered with the implication being that more believers will assist in the summoning. Additionally there is a case in preventing soldiers from being drowned by Leviathan, with the serpent not summoned at the time and the process appearing to have a lower success rate.
My current theory is that the belief of the summoners in question creates a sort of body-less existance. Their soul is there but without suffecient aether they have no body to use their full abilities. In this form however they can grant boons to their worshippers, temper people, and possibly other things, with the effects seeming to center around objects of worship.

It also seems to answer the question of why an eikon when resummoned retains it’s memories and original form. Only the body has been destroyed with the soul still existing.

Thoughts? Arguments? Counterpoints?

Well, while we have seen a summoning done to temper people, a number of beastman quests involve foiling plans to temper individuals. If the eikon was being summoned again I’m sure that story wise we would be seeing more concern from the grand companies. There’s also the tempered individual who was working to make summoning Ifrit possible before the fight with him, and the Sahagin quest where you have to rescue a bunch of soldiers before they are drownded with Leviathan nowhere in sight.

It seems to me that tempering without an actual summon is much more difficult and prone to failure

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