mogffxiv – The Moonfire Faire returns to Final Fantasy XIV

The Moonfire Faire is heating things up once again in Eorzea, so don’t forget to pack your Fire-resistant swimsuit while the Bombards are back. This year Mayaru Moyaru needs a helping hand regarding the festival’s events at Costa del Sol. Your reward for participating are special vouchers that can be exchanged for a fancy new glamour outfit, seasonal-themed furnishings, and new emotes to fire up your /gpose life.

Begin: Friday, August 5 @ 1:00am PDT
End: Friday, August 26 @ 7:59am PDT
Location: Mayaru Moyaru – Limsa Lominsa, Upper Decks (x11.5; y13.8)

Moofire Faire 2016 Rewards:

  • Glamour: Legacy Warrior set [Coronet], [Mail], [Armguards], [Breeches], [Sabatons]
  • Emotes: Red Ranger Pose A, Black Ranger Pose A, Yellow Ranger Pose A, Red Ranger Pose B, Black Ranger Pose B, Yellow Ranger Pose B
  • Miscellany: Firefly Lamp, Moonfire Faire Orchestrion Roll

Final Fantasy XIV is now available for Windows PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Mac. Patch 3.3 “Revenge of the Horde” went live in June. You can check out our coverage here.

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