mogffxiv | Square Enix explains why NieR Automata got delayed

Speaking to Destructoid at E3 last week, Square Enix revealed the reason behind the delay for NieR Automata. Originally, the company planned to release the title in November 2016, but due to concerns of the game going up “against other big titles” during that period, they came to the decision to hold it back until early 2017.

Platinum Games intends to use the extra development time to improve the game and give quality testers a suitable amount of time to check for any bugs and gameplay issues.

Lead designer Takahisa Taura mentioned another major concern was that they need to make sure the hardcore action elements Platinum Games is known for are well balanced and enjoyable to fans of the original game. Taura-san believes the additional time will allow Platinum Games to meet that goal.

NieR Automata is due out exclusively on PlayStation 4 early next year.

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