Square Enix details Final Fantasy XV’s Chapter 0 on mogffxiv

Square Enix has shared new details on the opening chapter of Final Fantasy XV, known as “Chapter 0.” If you’re keen on spoilers you may want to avoid reading the brief summary we’ve included below. While it doesn’t go into some of the finer details it does provide an all-around idea of what to expect.

The game begins with a “cold open” of sorts, with Noctis and friends looking battle worn as they fight with a massive demon-like king on a burning throne. Noctis himself seems different – he’s grown a beard and has long, unkempt hair. His clothing filthy and tattered is a stark contrast from his usual self. The scene is clearly a prelude to the game’s final battle.

Gamereactor UK writes the tone in this first stage is decidedly serious, enforced through the dialogue of the four friends as they struggle to stay alive. Even characters like Prompto with their cheerful demeanor have sobered up, taking a defensive stance as the group shields each other from the enemy’s inferno.

Later today the press is expected to reveal even more coverage from the opening hours of the game. Stay tuned to Nova Crystallis for the latest developments.

Via: Gamereactor UK.

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