Meet Sophia, the newest member of the Warring Triad to arrive in FFXIV –

Last weekend during a Letter from the Producer Live stream at Tokyo Game Show 2016, the Final Fantasy XIV team debuted the trailer for Patch 3.4 Soul Surrender and detailed some of its new contents. Today, we have an official description of the the newest trial via the Lodestone:

  • History tells of a Meracydian nation comprised of a multitude of races, the foundations of which were built on the worship of a single deity. The “Goddess,” as she was simply known, graced the souls of her worshipers with perfect equilibrium, binding their disparate societies in gilded chains of harmony.

    In the present day, she is better known as Sophia, one of the incalculably powerful eikons of the Warring Triad. And after five thousand years of imprisonment, her failed plans for vengeance once more threaten to come to fruition. Defeat the wakened thralls and slay the stirring Goddess, lest her divine “balance” bring all the world to equal ruin!

Sophia is the second of three encounters with The Warring Triad, the first being against Sephirot in Patch 3.2 The Gears of Change. The story goes that these three Primals, “Eikons” if you prefer, were the first three bound by the Allagan Empire to use for their own ends. This same technology was also used to develop Dalamud — the red “moon” that imprisoned Bahamut until the Seventh Umbral Era.

They had been sealed within an ancient imperial flagship in Azys Lla until the events of Heavensward saw them stir from a centuries-long slumber. Now it seems that the Garlean Empire has taken an interest. Enter you, the Warrior of Light, to sort things out.

Fans of Final Fantasy VI will undoubtedly recognize this encounter as the Goddess (sketch by Tetsuya Nomura), fought in the World of Ruin ascending Kefka’s Tower, as well as a remix of The Fierce Battle in the first phase.

In the video above, Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida takes us into The Containment Bay P1T9 to show off a bit of the arena and the encounter. While the sides of the arena can be broken off, and you can fall from a great height, Yoshida assures players that you can still be raised.

Sephirot may have felt like a game of jump-rope by dodging his sweeping arm, but Sophia will be more of “a mind training game“. Difficulty-wise, Yoshida pinned it as an easier encounter than The Final Steps of Faith.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4 Soul Surrender will arrive on Tuesday, September 27th, 2016.

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