[3.4 FFXIV Patch Spoilers] Hydaelen And The Warriors Of Darkness

There are spoilers below. If you read beyond this point, it’s your fault.

Some revelations first:

– The 13th world was ruined by the darkness and became The Void.

– The First (the world closest to The Source) is being consumed by Light, but it has not been completely destroyed by it.

– The Warriors of Darkness appear to be group of adventurers that we see in the opening cinematic. However, their journey has been completed. They won their battle against The Ascians, but this victory doomed their world to being erased by purifying light.

– The First is being consumed by light. Six other worlds are being consumed by darkness, and the 13th world has already been completely been consumed which has resulted in the creation of The Void. (“Seven times they have succeeded…”)

– This means that there are five other worlds that still remain safe for the time being.

– The world that FFXIV takes place in is The Source world. This means that in our world, the people who became The Warriors of Light in The First, are ordinary people who never became the WoL of the prime world. This would explain why we’ve never seen the Highlander or his party despite the cinematic showing his path was similar to our Warrior of Light.

– A Warrior of Light cannot harm Hydaelen or her Word. While the Warriors of Light aren’t tempered in to worshiping her as an infallible deity, they are physically incapable of striking out against the Mother Crystal or her emissary. This reveals that the WoL are, for the lack of a better term, independent thralls to her will.

Now, given what we know about the Warriors of Darkness, there is one part of their story that doesn’t make any sense. The Warrior of Darkness, Arbert, stated that they did everything they were told, and it was from this instruction that they inadvertently doomed their world. However, when Minfilia is confronted with this revelation, she claims that Hydaelen already knows but that she doesn’t want The First to be consumed by light. So, she sends Minfilia with the Warriors of Darkness back to The First to hold back the tide of all-consuming light.

So, here’s my problem with this plan: Hydaelen, who seems to suddenly be so concerned with The First, would have gladly allowed The Warriors of Darkness and their world be destroyed had Urianger not forced her to act. The Ascians, on the other hand, have explicitly stated that they strive for balance between Light and Dark. They’ve even gone so far as to mention that their master, who is most likely Zodiark, has called them to action to bring about this balance by any means necessary.

This really bothers me, and I sympathize with Arbert’s frustration, that Hydaelen would have remained silent about what was happening. Then, when pressed about what was going on, she just shows up and is like: “Oh, uh…yeah! I totally heard your prayers. I’ll get right on to fixing that, so let’s head on back to your world. Let’s all ignore the fact that this all happened because of something I did. Yeah, balance, we need that or something.”

I mean, I’m glad that Urianger didn’t really betray us, but why any of them were still considering blindly following Hydaelen after everything they learned is strange. Oh, but at least she gave us back Tupsimati with no real explanation as to what we were supposed to do with it besides keep it safe and hope we never have to use it.

TL;DR: We learned a lot about the other worlds and what happened to them, but Hydaelen’s whole “I knew I was having you accidentally destroy your world, but I’ll totally stop it from happening now that you’ve called out my bullshit.” explanation at the end just left me confused and frustrated with the story at this point.

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