The sheathes aren’t iconic

I’m not quite sure why this suggestion bugs you so. The sheathes aren’t iconic, the sword(s) are. As of now they’re just empty sheathes, if they adding the swords in just for decorative purposes I wouldn’t mind them, but for them to just be empty? It’s as much part of the vest as my bag being part of my shirt (not part of it all).

To be fair Mr strife didn’t have the need for his 7 sword motorcycle or his back mounted weapon store until advent children hit it big. It would’ve made sense to me to have a “strife outfit” and/or an “advent strife outfit” to pick from (especially since in advent children he used multiple swords as opposed to the Buster Sword) but seeing the 3x repeated lightning event that’s sole purpose was to hype up the XIII franchise I can only assume we got the ff7 remake outfit to hype that up too.

The sheathes are apart of the costume therefore they are iconic, it bugs me because people think they’re entitled to having past Final Fantasy characters costumes changed to suit their needs.


Sure they made the XIII stuff dyable but asking for something to be removed from the costume itself doesn’t make sense, the whole point of implementing this costume was so folk could dress up as one of the most iconic characters in the series.

Gotta disagree with you there. Particularly this side of the world. Even with the new Dissidia featuring the original as default, he’ll still appearing in the Advent Children garb more often.

As for the post being idiotic, you’re being overly harsh. One (or two) people wanting to alter an iconic costume is not worth the manpower required to add a toggle, nor for the extra client resources it’ll require in terms of asset layers in a game already pushing it’s resource limits on *cough* certain platforms.

Was rather referring to him just being outright against it.You get the costume as a reward. Doesnt necessarily mean it should change to please the minority, but as an option for something very minimal to the costume (iconic or not) it wouldnt be a far stretch to do.

If I may intervene on this, his Advent Children outfit was in Dissidia, and apparently from this video, the weapon rack is nowhere to be seen on the vest. So I would argue that the weapon rack is hardly iconic, otherwise Dissidia cut out an absolutely crucial piece of Cloud’s outfit.

Whether the sheaths are iconic or not is up for debate. (My vote would be “not” since they’re just an Advent Children thing.) But regardless, they’re clearly not part of the vest. They’re part of the swords they’re designed to hold. If we don’t get the arsenal of swords, then we shouldn’t get that odd piece of it attached to an unrelated vest. An empty sheath (let alone an empty multi-sheath thing) is just weird.

I do, however, agree with Bhuni on one point. An on/off toggle for this one item when no other chest slot items have such a toggle would not be an effortless feature to add, and probably not worthwhile unless there was a wide range of such items with parts to toggle on/off.

As for your first argument, saving polygons might be the reason why it wasn’t included, but it doesn’t change the fact that he wasn’t wearing the sheath. If he wasn’t wearing it in one game, it sets the precedent for the outfit to appear without it in another, regardless of whether polygons still need to be saved. It isn’t intrinsic to the outfit, so the outfit can exist either with it or without it (for another example, a lot of figurines of Cloud in that outfit don’t include the sheath).

And for your second argument, I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the circumstances surrounding the screenshot I posted. Is there something in particular that happened that would result in him not wearing a sheath, but keep his clothes and motorcycle intact?

ANIMA NERFS GALORE! FFXIV Patch 3.38 Overview & Thoughts

I totally get your point on low pop servers. But I do think that relics relying on the market is a good decision, it forces people to farm in a lot of different ways and people with money can skip the farm by using the market (capitalism working as intended). What most people tend to complain is how much it costs, but those are usually the lazy ones, as they don’t even consider the possibility of farming the mats like they should and they just get played by the market.

I do have some interest in game development, but I will probably take my career in the way of cyber security and see how it goes, later I might give game development a chance professionally, and not just as a hobby.

FF14 is kinda too casual, FF11 was too grindy, more of a middle ground would be nice. FFXIV is missing on content between patches, the hype on patches works well, but it dies out too quickly. I would discuss some ideas on how to fix this or take it in a better direction, but I don’t think this comment section is the place for this.

I do think SE could be doing more, FFXIV is making a lot of money, they should be reinvesting more and increasing the dev team. This would let them to test a lot of new ideas and tweak what works.

belialpt I’ll be honest, I tried to get enough Gil to do the 210 weapon, and burned out so hard I only just fired the game back up again today, and only because my FC asked if I was coming back. I’m glad I did, but that step was far to much, much the same way A3S apparently nuked the raid community.

Why are you all upset? Since day one you knew this is coming. I mean you knew nerfs were coming. You could have waited. I only got the relics that I needed IE if the 230 relic is better than the lore and I actively play the class then I got it. If you grind this stuff out early idk why you think you should be upset when nerfs come. They’re inevitable and as I said you could have waited lol.

It’s the method of nerfing. Its a kick to the balls to players that continue to play everyday and spend what they obtain on a day to day basis, while rewarding people that didnt play and had completed 30% of the grind.

The one way that wouldnt hurt anyone would be to increase the amount of items rewarded from doing said activities from patch day forth. Not reducing the cost.

Character in FIRST character slot is the problem

I saw that but don’t think it’s correct. I am in Limsa and haven’t been able to get in for the last two hours. There was at least one other person that posted they were in Limsa too, and they could log in with their alt but not their main. It seems like it could be related to the main character on your account. Others have confirmed they can’t log in with their main but they can with their alts.

This struck me as odd also – but in my case 1 of my “ALTS” is the same level and “I Level” as the character I consider my “MAIN”. I am wondering if its positional – like character in FIRST character slot is the problem – anyone have a character they cant log into that isn’t in the first slot?

Yeah… I thought it was weird that Reddit went quiet when I STILL cannot log into the game getting the same errors as other on here. I am on Hyperion, and sadly regret restarting my client to get my mouse settings to work before raid because since I couldnt get in my raid group had to call it. That was more than 2 hours ago and all I am seeing that SE only stated that it had already been “addressed”.


The common thread I seem to be seeing is everybody who got disconnected while in an instance (Dungeon, trial, etc) is having this issue. Hopefully the team is working on that; Kinda disappointed I didn’t get to do my roulettes tonight.

Maiko here from Hyperion, and yeah I’m getting the same error code (90002) something must of happened with the wards or something. I always log out there for the night. I’m also having issues logging in. Looks like I won’t be playing tonight. Hopefully we’ve put up enough of a stink to raise some attention.

Yet another chiming in on being 90k’d on certain characters. I’ve been able to log in on various alts over on the Aether data center, but unable to log in on my main or two alts on Behemoth for hours now. All three of those were logged out/90k’d in Lavender Beds, however I’m able to log into my two other alts that had been logged out in Limsa/Ul’dah.

I’m both glad (and sad) that i’m not the only one having this problem. Its currently 1:45am CST time for me and it says i have an excellent connection when i try to log into my main on Ultros, but when i try to log in it gives me a 10105 error and my connection turns poor. I can log into my alt on Adamantoise with my “poor” connection just fine. Before they did the maintenance I was getting the same error except before it was also saying that the server was full and tried to put me in a queue before letting me see the loading screen and going right back to the error page. Last time was i logged in was 5am CST this morning and i was somewhere in Gridania.

I don’t frequent these forums usually, but is it normal for Square Enix to ignore people in this technical support forum? Is there any point to this if it takes this long and they still haven’t noticed there’s a problem? Is it also normal to not be able to get timely support from their online chat or email support systems?

I see there’s yet another status update on the news site that says Excalibur was down and is back. Is it really so hard for them to pay attention to the community to make sure that their servers actually work? If they’re aware of this issue, any kind of acknowledgment or communication would be greatly appreciated.

And on a related note, are we going to be issued any kind of game time credit for this outage? This has almost been an entire day’s worth of playing gone for some people. A day of credit seems reasonable given the circumstances.

Im honestly surprised it isnt fixed by now, we were on track for a A5S clear, very close to winning and as far as I know I’m still stuck in alex while everyone else has been able to log back in . I really really hope they at least acknowledge us or do something about this soon, this is totally going to screw up my Ixal dailies and my roulettes.

The current matchmaking prioritizes unranked

Many people, especially top players, see the new ranking system as a failure and rightfully so. More often than not, you can be a current top player on the leader board and somehow be INSTANTLY paired up with people who never played the game mode once in their life. Today as a Gold player I sat in a sub 1 minute que and I somehow was placed with 3 unranked players, two of which explicitly expressed they are brand new players and it was their first game ever. This is not fun to me or the players that ended up on my team because more likely than not the other team is likely to be more balanced than mine and will end up crushing us within 2 minutes in a game mode that normally last the entire 8 minutes.

The current matchmaking prioritizes unranked – silver and gold – diamond, which sounds good on paper for a established leader board. But when you completely wipe people’s rank and everyone starts from scratch, it becomes far more likely that as top players start to rank up through silver and gold that they get paired with people who are unranked, causing disparity and unfairness. This creates a situation that no more how hard you may try, the people on your team aren’t up to par with you and you have almost no chance to win. It isn’t the new players fault, rather it’s the matchmaking that places golds with players with 0 rating. In the bid to fix what a lot of people were complaining about in season 1 they created the SAME EXACT PROBLEM IN A LOWER TIER. The only difference now is that rather being platinum or diamond, we are just gold.

The only solution that makes sense to me is that they need to be far more precise will the matchmaking. They need to prioritize unranked vs unranked, bronze vs bronze and so on, it cannot just be the way it is now when a gold such as myself will get INSTANTLY qued with brand new players without the system even trying to put me with silvers first. It would be much more fun for a gold like me to be paired with people closer to me and for unranked player to be paired verse unranked players because then you actually have a fight, fights where unranked players can actually maybe learn the game rather than get crushed, and higher rated players can get the quality matches that they desire.

This is really about a sense of fairness across the board. right now the games are not fair, Gold tanks/dps get paired with unranked healers and automatically the unranked healer will just be permanently dead while a Gold healer with unranked dps can’t hope to land a kill no matter how hard they try. It really just kills motivation to play not only for top players but for unranked players who want to learn but get overwhelmed in severely lopsided teams. Lopsided teams are no fun, balanced teams are.

I hope you fix this SE, otherwise the mode will ultimately just slowly die like it did last season. Remember why you made the change to matchmaking in the first place, the only difference now is that it is a problem for silver/golds rather than plats and diamonds.

Did you ever consider that maybe this is for the best experience for everyone? Because my experiences show that inexperienced players would hardly ever get things done because nobody has knowledge to know what to do. In fact would promote people buying clears which I have never agreed with. Although I’m not quite sure why you feel your knowledge isn’t up to par. A good teacher can help & make even the dumbest person good in fact I used to be that nub that didn’t know anything my teacher taught me extremely well I’m not the nub I used to be when I started mmo’s. I’m not the greatest but not nearly as bad.

I can’t teach people everything within the minute they give you at the start of the game let alone when I actually have to devote my keyboard to playing rather than explain to them what to do. Also it does no good for unranked players to be paired with me when the game is one sided, they learn nothing and I leave frustrated. They would have a better time being eased into higher ranked rather than thrown into the meat grinder. That is usually how a majority of games work, however in this one, they think that a balanced and fair team is simply balancing the rating numbers regardless of rank which isn’t the case at all. Would you make a 1st grader do college calculus? No you wouldn’t.

Well if you can’t handle it, you can’t handle it. I’ve seen plenty of people teach/tell inexperienced players how to do such & such without making excuses & clearing whatever, but hey what do I know? For me I’d rather be with people that know what they are doing (as long as they are not being elitist, pricks) or in your words being thrown in the meat grinder. No I wouldn’t, but sorry to say no mmo should be referred to as hard as a 1st grader doing calculus, lol.

FFXIV: Heavensward – Scholar Guide (Patch 3.35)

Yes, it’s finally done. After long delays, here is the Scholar guide many have been requesting. In all honesty, I know that there are a few things that I probably missed or didn’t cover thoroughly enough, so while I welcome your support, I would also recommend that you look for other sources as well to help yourselves get as good of a representation of the Scholar job as possible. With that being said, enjoy the guide.

I use sacred soil and succor to mitigate unavoidable raid-wide damage. Use sacred soil first, then succor. If you’re lucky, the succor doesn’t cost any mana. Sacred soil is more attractive when you’re undergeared, because a 10% damage reduction can mean a lot more than a lustrate if your base heal is garbage. Sacred soil is also moderately okay when combined with Aldoquium against tank busters. You can use it when virus is on cooldown.

I often use sacred soil when the tank chain-pull in dungeons. You can precast sacred soil before the tank digs into the mobs, and it won’t generate enmity. It’s also instant cast. You can cast it in cleric stance without losing any effect.

Definitely my favorite fairy for 4 man content. Pop the buffs and you can Cleric Stance basically no matter how big the tank pulls, which makes the run more enjoyable for me. I can see both being useful in 8 man depending on what the priority is (survival, dps check, etc) so it does kind of irk me that there are people who say ‘Selene only’ when it’s really a matter of the right tools for the right situation.

I’m coming back to the game after playing SCH in ARR, and this guide was a great way for me to brush up on what I had forgotten and what skills are new. Thanks for the guide!

I bought a dell laptop for my girlfriend with Intel i5-5200U Broadwell, 5500 HD Integrated Graphics, 8 gigs ram, 1600×900 screen. It plays on standard laptop setting at about 20-30 fps unstable.

She played on it fine. She beat 2.0 content easily. But once she had a taste of my desktop gaming computer with 3440×1440 60fps on high settings + streaming capabilities, she decided to make my gaming PC her platform of choice. I moved to the PS4.

Stop freeing them

Week after week, I see WC groups with maybe 1 or 2 people who are new (achievement after the clear), yet those same groups end up with 5+ players getting assimilated on Ozma, and stepping into 5+ garrote traps on hair lady.

Stop freeing them. It’s the only way they’re going to learn that they can, and are supposed to, avoid those mechanics. I can’t think of any other reason why a player, doing the same fights over and over again, can’t figure out how the mechanics work, unless they have a misunderstanding of how they work.

They won’t learn if you free them. It’s their expectation that they can mess up the mechanic, and the rest of group will drop everything and come fix their mistake. If gaols and traps were instant death mechanics, everybody would have them down perfectly by now. Ultimately, if there is no consequence for failure, then there is no learning.


You get sucked into these traps if someone near you steps into them. Overall your idea is absolutly against every normal thinking because these mechanics are that way that you can HELP your group members. But yeah its ok don’t get people out of that stuff (if its their fault to end up in it or not) and i hope no one will help you if you do a mistake and i bet it happens often enough, because only these toxic players blame others for mechanical mistakes and demand to let these players die.

If players don’t make that mistake, then nobody suffers for it. That’s the point. My idea is congruent with any reasonable line of thinking. Is Ozma casting Assimilation? Then I should face away and avoid it. Did I mess up avoiding it? Then I can still face away from him and the debuff will drop off. It’s asinine to think “I messed on Assimilation, I’d better completely ignore it and just let my group cover for my mistake when they bail me out of a gaol”.

Let’s move onto the hair traps. The reasonable line of thinking is “there’s a big yellow AoE marker that I should avoid; now it’s left a purple circle that I should also avoid; I’d better not step on it or near it”. It’s asinine to think “oh, a big yellow AoE marker, I’ll just stand in it; oh now it’s a big purple circle I should avoid, but I’ll stand here or walk through it; oh, now I’m caught in a trap; oh well, my group can just cover for my mistake”.

Each of these mechanics is telegraphed for several seconds before the trap occurs. People don’t avoid them because they feel that they don’t have to, and that the rest of group can just fix it for them. “Learn to play a little better” isn’t an elitist statement, nor some symptom of a superiority complex; it’s what players should be doing.

I mean you could let them sit in the traps and stuff…or you could attempt to explain to the players what they’re doing wrong (it should be pretty apparent which players don’t know what they’re doing very quickly after all).

I know not everyone will be receptive to being helped (even if you phrase it helpfully instead of arrogantly), but the only way you’re going to cut down on the number of people failing mechanics is to try and help them recognise what they’re supposed to be doing about it. It can’t hurt to try right?

I know I certainly would have appreciated it if people took the time to explain what I was supposed to be looking out for when I attempted to go through WC on my first go. We didn’t complete it because people kept messing up Ozma mechanics. Including the people that were moaning about me making mistakes because they preferred to do that than explain what I was doing wrong.

FFXIV: Stormblood Trailer Analysis – What we know so far

Sync don’t ever stop making videos, maaate i really like your videos and content, it really makes me laugh and learn lots of new things, i really support your work man, and i think is funnier an better than lots of other FF XIV channels. Keep it up.

That two auras, red and blue could possibly be a lvl 60 – 70 skill of the monk job, more like stances, dance stance and monk stance, instead of creating a new dps class like dancer, i think yoshi combined the two jobs to create a whole new class perspective.

Everyone’s pretty sure the character from the Monk storyline (I forget his name) is gonna be the new Estenien. Especially after the Encyclopedia Eorzea corfirmed his true identity. Also Red Mage confirmed by Yoshi-P’s shirt.

For me personally I love Summoning type classes but also buff/debuff type classes. My hope for the expansion is to get a half support half dps class. I would love to be able to debuff enemies, buff allies, place dots that can be activated by other job skills used by other players in the party, like a dot that can be blown up to deal all its damage at once upon activation of a certain skill unusable by that specific job. A job that requires a party to be effective at all levels, however isn’t a dps or support class but a mixture of the 2. I want a class that requires teamwork to be over powered compared to classes that excel at only 1 thing.

To simplify this, I want a “support” class that doesn’t support through healing, but instead supports through buffing and debuffing enemies, whilst using skills that do incredible dps to enemies once activated by other players in the party, however without being able to do decent dps on it’s own.

FFXIV OST – Alexander: Cruise Chaser’s Theme

I love how varied the music is in FF14. Not every boss battle has to sound all doom and death. I was playing the new Emerald nightmare raid in WoW and while the raid itself was good I noticed the music was just sooo boring. The raid included nightmare versions of existing areas and they didn’t even remix the music from those areas.

It also comes down to the quality of the music lol. Jeremy Soule makes western styled background music that is absolutely great to listen to all the time, many others do not. i doubt blizzard can match ff even if they try the Japanese take game orchestral very seriously its not just ff check out Zelda wild arms the list gos on and on some of the greatest sound tracks ever and i mean ever.

In the sound when they scream FORWARD AND BACK, to anyone else, does it sound like the voice is trying to mimic a sound of gears harshly grinding against each other at high speed? If you’ve ever had homemade ice cream, the ice cream churn sounds similar when it’s grinding inside to churn the ice cream xD Does anyone get what I meant?

I freaking love this song. This fight is amazing too! Also love it has elements from past Alex songs too! SE makes some darn good music! I was in here for a long time with people dropping and everything (though we were getting it) and this song didn’t get annoying once.

I find these boss fights to be very unbalanced. The boss is tunnel visioned in its targeting and the fact that players can see the area where the attacks will land just is too easy to react to. Plus the boss’ combat style is awkward and repetitive. The players can execute combos, the boss ought be able to do so too. And I feel the same way for all these boss battles…

Desynthesis Endgame Guide

This guide may contain inaccurate information. Much of my data is extrapolation, educated guesswork, or what other people have told me. Also, since prices vary from server to server (and from time to time), what I consider the cheapest or most profitable might not be cheap at all for you. If you plan to make money via desynthing, please check MB prices and confirm that my suggestions will bring you a profit on your server before proceeding.

Please keep in mind that because prices are constantly fluctuating, it is hard to pinpoint the absolute cheapest way to level desynth at any given moment. To that end, in most cases, I try to point out multiple items at each level, one of which should be the cheapest. Please compare their costs on your server to determine what’s actually cheapest!

Remember that you will continue to gain desynth experience on every success up until your skill is 25 levels higher than the item. Then, you have a chance to gain experience up until 30 levels higher than the item, at which point you stop gaining experience. When it’s best to stop using one item and swap to a new item is hard to determine, so I’ve often left that choice up to you by overlapping the suggestions. Generally speaking, the more sacrifices you leave for RNGesus, the sooner you should swap. The more you fear the wrath of RNGesus, the longer you should continue with a given item before swapping to the next.


For LTW Raptorskin ring is what i went with and am close to 70 now. It seems to be the cheapest and easiest if you grind mats for it. Wildlings cesti (monk weapon) and the militia choker are a couple of one star i55 craftables that are cheap compared to others. After that if your strapped for cash then any end game dungeons are better to grab items from than crafting but that goes for most gear desynth classes I believe.

For CRP, leveling was easy as I swiped all the housing goods before patch so prices didn’t skyrocket yet. Bloody Lance heads were cheap as well so grab those up and go at it. For profit, look for cheap “manor” items. I desynthed the stools which were going for 10k a piece and sold the wax which was going for 85k a piece. So far 1/2 chance you’ll get it so that’s a plus.

I will confirm that 3 star housing items do generate Field 3. However the rate is terrible, even with super cheap base materials it will still put a much higher cost vs than using relish. It could be argued though due to how jacked the eco is and a lot of fast turn high gil combos are out there now for the 3 star crowd that this option is still worth doing just to save time by throwing economic leverage at it. You are looking at say around 1 field 3 per 15 3 star gsm housing items nuked.

After those two stop being good for you, you might want to get into PvP. You can get i70 Warwolf Blades for 965 Wolf Marks, which isn’t too bad if you enjoy Frontlines. You can also spam Ifrit as a PLD, WAR, MNK, or DRG hoping for the weapons for those classes. There seem to be zero good crafted options for BSM at the i70 level, sadly. Your only crafted options are the i70 weapon parts, which can yield Fieldcraft Demimateria IIIs, but require 9x Coke each.

Soon, once prices stabilize a bit more, I’ll plug the seemingly cheapest desynth items for each type of demimateria into a spreadsheet of mine and get the actual costs on my server. Doesn’t help other servers, but hey, at least it’s some method of comparing the items! We need what, 80x Fieldcraft Demimateria Is for all the new DoL/DoH accessories, plus 110x Fieldcraft Demimateria IIIs for the new tools? So, yeah, I can definitely see finding the cheapest ways to get them to be useful to know.

Ok I’m currently 93 GSM and I’ve been doing the garden ponds and carbuncle chromometers. I can verify that both give out fieldcraft 3’s. Sometimes in bundles of 2. Ive noticed that the Garden Ponds are the best way to go if you are in a pinch and have access to mining and house merchants. The Kobold mart is great for mats as well. Hope this helps and I’ll post a screenshot the next time I do it.

FFXIV OST – Edda’s Theme

I already had an idea as to her being involved in this, but…well, it was still rather upsetting having to take her down after everything that’s happened to her…I had to fight the compulsion to cry after the fight and the sidequest, but part of me is still worrying about her comment of the “robed figure”.

Given that you can access this pre-50, I’m wondering if in fact is is Nabriales…or a different Ascian. There’s enough Ascians, that maybe when they expand PotD, we’ll fight (and beat the heck out of) the Ascian-hole who did this to her.

I feel terrible for Edda. Not only was she cast out of her party because they accused her for the death of a companion, but she felt so rejected she turned to the dark arts for companionship. Later to die and have herself curse to the one who roams the Palace of the Dead.

To think this is the same girl who was in the party when I was about to enter Sastasha, hmm does that mean the disembodied head mount and boss was her…umm… Avere, tragic and creepy but mostly tragic.

FFXIV uses a lot of antiquated language meanings. Bosom used to refer to the chest, and in some cases what’s inside the chest (the heart). It could also refer to the feelings or what’s within a person’s being. It wasn’t used to refer more specifically to a woman’s breasts until the 20th century.

It’s also revealed their DD Allainne was in love was Avere, which is why she was so brutal on Edda. She ended up at the waking sands, and died during the Raid there by empire forces. So Edda never killed anybody, despite her dungeon suggesting otherwise. She just went insane and tried to revive Avere using corpse bodies. She did attempt to kill the lalafell, though.

If you talk to the NPCs around as you go through the main questline, you’ll actually see their party alive and kicking beforehand outside of the first Dungeon too. I think second and third as well. There’s a lot of little things like that to be had for those who are observant enough to catch them.

When I met Edda, I was like “Woah, she’s totally a plain side character”. I even forgot about her! And after her fightI was like “I want to cry the whole day!”. It’s so amazing that like EVERY at least slightly important character in FFXIV has a deep story.