[3.4 FFXIV Patch Spoilers] Hydaelen And The Warriors Of Darkness

There are spoilers below. If you read beyond this point, it’s your fault.

Some revelations first:

– The 13th world was ruined by the darkness and became The Void.

– The First (the world closest to The Source) is being consumed by Light, but it has not been completely destroyed by it.

– The Warriors of Darkness appear to be group of adventurers that we see in the opening cinematic. However, their journey has been completed. They won their battle against The Ascians, but this victory doomed their world to being erased by purifying light.

– The First is being consumed by light. Six other worlds are being consumed by darkness, and the 13th world has already been completely been consumed which has resulted in the creation of The Void. (“Seven times they have succeeded…”)

– This means that there are five other worlds that still remain safe for the time being.

– The world that FFXIV takes place in is The Source world. This means that in our world, the people who became The Warriors of Light in The First, are ordinary people who never became the WoL of the prime world. This would explain why we’ve never seen the Highlander or his party despite the cinematic showing his path was similar to our Warrior of Light.

– A Warrior of Light cannot harm Hydaelen or her Word. While the Warriors of Light aren’t tempered in to worshiping her as an infallible deity, they are physically incapable of striking out against the Mother Crystal or her emissary. This reveals that the WoL are, for the lack of a better term, independent thralls to her will.

Now, given what we know about the Warriors of Darkness, there is one part of their story that doesn’t make any sense. The Warrior of Darkness, Arbert, stated that they did everything they were told, and it was from this instruction that they inadvertently doomed their world. However, when Minfilia is confronted with this revelation, she claims that Hydaelen already knows but that she doesn’t want The First to be consumed by light. So, she sends Minfilia with the Warriors of Darkness back to The First to hold back the tide of all-consuming light.

So, here’s my problem with this plan: Hydaelen, who seems to suddenly be so concerned with The First, would have gladly allowed The Warriors of Darkness and their world be destroyed had Urianger not forced her to act. The Ascians, on the other hand, have explicitly stated that they strive for balance between Light and Dark. They’ve even gone so far as to mention that their master, who is most likely Zodiark, has called them to action to bring about this balance by any means necessary.

This really bothers me, and I sympathize with Arbert’s frustration, that Hydaelen would have remained silent about what was happening. Then, when pressed about what was going on, she just shows up and is like: “Oh, uh…yeah! I totally heard your prayers. I’ll get right on to fixing that, so let’s head on back to your world. Let’s all ignore the fact that this all happened because of something I did. Yeah, balance, we need that or something.”

I mean, I’m glad that Urianger didn’t really betray us, but why any of them were still considering blindly following Hydaelen after everything they learned is strange. Oh, but at least she gave us back Tupsimati with no real explanation as to what we were supposed to do with it besides keep it safe and hope we never have to use it.

TL;DR: We learned a lot about the other worlds and what happened to them, but Hydaelen’s whole “I knew I was having you accidentally destroy your world, but I’ll totally stop it from happening now that you’ve called out my bullshit.” explanation at the end just left me confused and frustrated with the story at this point.

To the developers

Besides all the new content we’re getting on 3.4 when I read the patch notes and saw many features and QoL adjustments the community has been asking for a long time it felt like a love letter telling us “yes, we do listen” and “yes, we do care”. Granted, you can’t do everything we ask for, and everything at the same time, but this was a strong sign that you do care about our feedback.

In those patch notes I saw many things requested here at the forums at some point. We’re finally seeing an option to directly report RMT spam, finally getting our cooldowns reset on wipes, finally getting rid of all the bloat and nonsense of the glamour prisms of different grades on top of the type, added the 1v1 duels that some people have requested for a long time and you implemented it in a way that doesn’t break the rest of the game, added LoV to the duty finder and made the matching datacenter-wide, added retainer bells to the Gold Saucer, and a couple other things I may have missed. Some of those features or changes are aimed at larger parts of the community, others for smaller groups who enjoy certain activities, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to listen to them too.

But the message is clear, you are indeed listening and doing what you can in due time. I’m aware that you’re hard at work not only on these content patches but also on the next expansion, and that not every complain can be addressed swiftly, but for me this patch is a solid message and I wanted to say I’m thankful for all your hard work and that I’m looking forward to all the new content you’re working so hard to produce Maybe not all that content will cater to me, but I’m aware that I’m not the only one playing (something I wish more people on the forums would figure out) and that you’re doing your best to produce content for everybody.

So, TL;DR: Thanks for all your hard work and I’m happy to be part of the Eorzea we’re building together.

Static for 3.4 FFXIV Patch Progression


Endgame progression and clearing in a steady yet efficient manner.

What is expected from members:

Members must be in agreement and make sure they can attend scheduled raid times. Part of meeting the group’s goal is making the most out of each session, so attendance is highly important. Should any change in plans occur, members are expected to notify the raid well in advance so arrangements can be made before raid time. Habitual offenders will risk being replaced.

Members are expected to behave in a civil manner. There is zero-tolerance for behavior that may be seen as harmful to moral, whether it be directed to persons in particular or a group. Any disputes that arise should either be discussed in private or concerns forwarded to the raid leader.

Members should be willing to not only improve themselves, but also assist and motivate fellow members to improve the overall performance of the team. This means being proactive and willing to contribute, rather than simply appearing for raid and never letting the team know if there is a mechanic that should be noted or that you cannot clear. The ability to communicate is highly important and members are encouraged to communicate as much as possible.

A core philosophy of this group is learning through repetition. As far as raid progression is concerned, learning through actual raid experience is preferred to reading guides and expecting members to understand mechanics before actual practice (you ARE, however, encouraged and expected to read guides that will help master your Job performance). That said, wiping and failure is inevitable, repetitive, part of the learning process, and an important aspect of the group’s ability to advance. However, mistakes and weaknesses should be pointed out and discussed and progression made per raid session.

-Minimum gear ilvl 235
-Experience at least in A5S
-Availability at times mentioned and minimum time dedicated to raiding
-Discord for voice communication (you do not have to speak, but will need it for verbal directions)
-Not required, but will help having a secondary class with appropriate ilvl

Please note, this is not a hardcore or world-first progression static. Members are not required to be absolutely at the top percentile of their roles. What is important is having the people with the right attitude and willingness to learn, which is secondary to skill level.

Raid Schedule
Schedule will be worked out between all members, but a few things will be definite:

-Raid times will be between 8:00 PM and 5:00 AM (GMT+10)
-Minimum of 3 nights a week (additional nights open to discussion)
-Minimum of 9 hours a week (additional hours open to discussion)

Current Slots:
At the moment seven slots are open for all roles. If you cannot dedicate the nights/hours per week, you are welcome to apply as a substitute so long as your availability is within the hours mentioned. Substitutes are also members, but are on-call and the first people to replace members who are not available. Trials may or may not be conducted-please look forward to it!

If interested, please reply here with the following info:

-Class/es and iLVL
-Raid Experience
-The times and days you are available
-Please list all available cross-class skills you plan to use for your classes

You can PM or reply here, or contact Gryphon Fyre in-game. First raid is planned for next week (October). If we’re lacking members, we will PUG for missing slots. Thank you!

Yoshi-P on Character Growth

It starts with a lot of info about 3.4, but further on Yoshi-P gives three very lengthy, detailed comments about the philosophy behind the design of FFXIV’s end game.

The explanations particularly touch on a lot of topics that frequently come up for discussion here on the OF:
Character growth other than gear
Elemental strengths and weaknesses
“There’s nothing to do.”/”I’m bored.”
Horizontal progress
Dangerous open world
The tl;dr would be that the game is designed the way it is very intentionally and clamoring for large-scale overhauls or changes of philosophy are probably going to fall on deaf ears.

Here’s the three responses:

Q. There’s something i was curious about asking, and you know how people on the internet occasionally say “There’s nothing to do in FFXIV” and i think that’s because FFXIV’s end game has no character growth involved in it. I assume that’s because those players into that sort of character growth may enjoy it, but new players will have a hard time catching up.

A. I consider “If there’s some sort of character development, the players into that stuff will enjoy it” is a faulty expression. The current FFXIV allows you to reach the level cap at a comparatively fast pace and players who feel they are “released from the burden of leveling a job” won’t be able to enjoy the game as much if there is some sort of element that requires you to spend time on building up your character before you do other content. FFXIV has a wide range of players who all have different tastes. It’s not like everyone can keep their motivation to run towards a long term goal that is extremely far away to grow their character.
Q. So not having elements to “let your character grow” is intentional.

A. I feel like people who are saying there’s nothing to do or they are bored, are people who prefer the “FFXI type” game where the game itself is like end content, where there are almost unlimitted amount of elements to grow your character and keep building up. I do understand their feelings, but as a game that needs to fight on the global scale and this era makes it very difficult for us to choose that railway as an option.

The same applies to how, having elements like ice and fire on your weapon and equipment is rather meaningless with our game design. If the game system has elements as a huge factor and let’s say you face a boss who is weak against a certain element. Those who don’t have the actions or weapons that are effective will need to start back from re-learning a certain move or go get that fire weapon that melts the boss. That being said, this is actually really fun if you get into it. You feel like you’re getting stronger as you work hard for it and you feel more satisfaction after beating that boss with your new weapon. However, you need to put in a lot of time before you fight this single boss and if the next patch adds a boss with a different weakness, you have to start from scratch and learn another move and go get that weapon that the boss is weak against.

If this continues to go on, there will be a moment where you lose focus and at one point you collapse. That sort of game system is highly addictive with fear and uplift alongside each other with the merit where it’s harder to get bored because it forces you to continue spending most of your time. But, people nowadays don’t have that time anymore. If FFXIV had that old school type system, with how busy i am now, i wouldn’t be able to play the game. I’m not saying it’s outdated, and the coming era might prefer those types of games and they still have a potential to succeed by changing the business scheme, but like i said before, it just doesn’t fit FFXIV.
That doesn’t mean we aren’t doing anything. Like the Zodiac weapons and anima weapons, we’d like to implement a “time to win” type route, but that will not be the pillar of the game, not in FFXIV at least. This is just an imagination, but 10 years into the future we might shift into a team consisted of members who all truly love FFXIV and we might take our risk to release an expansion with that kind of character development involved in it, but at the moment it’s impossible.
Q. So you’re saying, not all the current players want a strong character build element in the game.

A. Even if we did change our policy, starting with new players having a hard time getting into the game, a majority of the current players will also be like “I was only able to keep playing because of the current system!” and the problem is, those people don’t raise their voices and log in normally or just fade out after getting bored of the game. We need to watch out for those players with no voices. With the feed back, data from the logs, the duration of subs for each player in mind, it’s a part of my job to balance the demand of the player base. You can’t run an MMO with just “esthesiography”, so it’s like studying everyday and i’m always being sandwiched by both sides. I personally have an interest in trying out various things, but that by itself will just be my ego.

Back when we realeased “A Realm Reborn”, it was a one shot deal so i looked at the market and situation then designed the game to revive FFXIV, but even now, it’s not like i can just make 100% of what i’d like to design in this world of FFXIV, so i’m looking at the balance in between.

Not having an endless element to build on your character is intentional and it’s designed so you build up your item level instead. You don’t obtain that by gaining experience points. You can clear content, take one step at a time to gradually get stronger, or skilled players can challenge harder content to run in front of everyone else. After reaching as far as you can go, it’s true there might be nothing for you to do. In that case you can play a different job, craft or gather or play other games while you wait for the next patch which is no problem at all. We have kept that stance from the beginning and it’s the core of FFXIV, so have no intentions of changing that in the future. Of course, we do understand you will get bored of refreshing your item level at one point, but no matter what sort of game desing you choose, you’ll eventually get bored. I personally want to present a speech on this topic if i have the opportunity because it’s such a deep subject, but today i’ll finish it here.

For further development of the game, we are okay with adding totally new attractions such as using a huge area to explore or creating an area where you get one shotted unless you take the enemies out one by one, even if you have the best gear, but we aren’t in the stages to place this in the center as the core of the game.

Does FFXIV *Really* Want A New Non-Viera Race?

I often see many threads about Viera. So many that it can be annoying sometimes.. They always get shot down in the end or a debate forms that holds the thread for 20+ pages. So it’s a sensitive topic..

The ones who disagree always say things along the lines of: “We don’t need another Hyur with animal parts”, ” We don’t need another cute race”, “(something that involves weebs and/or furries)”.

Suggestions end up as: “I want a full body bestial race.”, “Bangaa”(what are Bangaa btw? xD), “A dwarf race”, “A serious, rough looking race” “Something that looks deadly”
Now let’s think about this.. And why all of those choices all probably bad and why Yoshida probably won’t do it.
We have our rough races in this game.. the non-cute ones. Roegadyn, Highlander, and maybe even Elezen. And they are also the least played races in the entire game(except male Highlanders. They seem to be frequent). Those are the races that aren’t played because they are “ugly” or “too rough”.

Miqo’te, Midlander, and Au Ra are so successful as races simply BECAUSE they are cute. Which is obviously what people love. Make a “Favorite Race” poll and I’ll bet… a trillion dollars Miqo’te will win! Why? Cute = Best. And don’t come in here with “Guys dressing up catgirls” because it’s just false stuff. Keep it out please. Women like cute too. And I happen to play Miqo’te.
Anyway, you have all the polls asking “What should the next race be!?”. If Viera is on it, it wins. Every time. It just does.

Now think of it from a Yoshi point of view..

Member: Hey boss what should we make as a race?

Yoshi: Okay let’s see here.. I *could* make a bestial-type race.. One that isn’t cute.. But we have Roegadyn which did terrible as a race while Miqo’te and Au Ra are thriving! It was a very good decision to make them cute! They are very successful as a race because of it. Statistics show.

Member: There’s a poll of what people want as a race. Viera is winning by 40% but the thread is filled with people saying don’t bring it O.o

Yoshi: Ignore them. They are the minority. Look at the numbers, it’s obvious what FFXIV as a whole, wants. We need to appeal to the majority for maximum profit instead of catering to the minority on the forums..
I think it’s seen that way and in a way it does make sense though. Why make an “ugly” race when the predecessors did so bad? From a business perspective.. A new race like that are Flavor of The Month then die. While Au Ra still thrive. You can say they are a bad/failed/lazy race but no matter what, they are a soaring success.

That said, I don’t even care about Viera

Watch 30 minutes of SaGa Scarlet Grace, special edition revealed – mogffxiv.com

Akitoshi Kawazu, game designer and story planner for SaGa Scarlet Grace, took to the Tokyo Game Show stage to show off his new game. In the video below, we see a thirty-minute segment of the PlayStation Vita-exclusive RPG including the world map, party management, and combat.

A special edition was also revealed that includes special packaging by series character artist Tomomi Kobayashi, an artbook, soundtrack, and special cards.

SaGa Scarlet Grace releases on Decemeber 15th, 2016 in Japan.

mogffxiv | Square Enix registers “Stormblood” trademark

According to the Japanese Twitter account of the Trademark Bot, Square Enix has registered a new trademark named “Stormblood”.

No logo was attached to the trademark registration and it is currently unknown whether this title is a new game or an expansion for an existing game such as Final Fantasy XIV.

Via Gamefront.de

TGS 2016: All the news, stories and more rounded up on mogffxiv

This year’s Tokyo Game Show has come to a close and what a ride it was. From big trailers, to release dates and special hardware announcements – there was something for everyone. While Square Enix was a bit light on new game reveals, there’s no doubt they have plenty waiting in the wings from now through the end of the year and early next.

Should you have missed anything over the course of last week, we’ve rounded up all the big news for you below.

  • Sony announces Final Fantasy XV-themed PlayStation 4 hardware
  • SaGa Scarlet Grace launches December 15 in Japan
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue due out January, TGS 2016 trailer
  • Final Fantasy XV TGS 2016 trailer reveals more story beats
  • NieR: Automata gets a TGS trailer, due out February 23 in Japan
  • Itadaki Street: Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary revealed for PS4, PS Vita
  • Everything you need to know about Dragon Quest Builders answered in one trailer
  • Nomura talks Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8’s delay, teases PS4 Pro support in new message
  • Final Fantasy XV “Luna Edition” PS4 hardware heads to North America and Europe
  • Square Enix mobile lineup trailered ahead of TGS 2016
  • Final Fantasy XV’s English voice cast share their recording experiences
  • Here’s the extended Final Fantasy XV trailer from TGS, new screenshots
  • SaGa Scarlet Grace: Extended Tokyo Game Show 2016 trailer
  • NieR: Automata extended Tokyo Game Show 2016 trailer
  • Here’s a new batch of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 screenshots from Tokyo Game Show 2016
  • Final Fantasy XII TGS 2016 trailer details The Zodiac Age
  • World of Final Fantasy Tokyo Game Show 2016 trailers
  • Final Fantasy XIV “Duality” Arrangement Album announced
  • Flame×Blaze heads to iOS and Android this Winter in Japan, Western release to follow
  • NieR: Automata screenshots and artwork detail the main cast
  • Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4 screenshots detail dungeons, Hildibrand and more
  • Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV Episode 5 “The Warmth of Light” due out September 16
  • Visiting cinematics and locales in World of Final Fantasy
  • Dengeki PlayStation plays nearly an hour of Final Fantasy XV
  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age previewed in new screenshots, extended trailer
  • World of Final Fantasy’s Sephiroth summon in action
  • NieR: Automata Black Box Edition announced for Japan
  • Watch 24 minutes of NieR: Automata gameplay
  • Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4 “Soul Surrender” trailer live, out September 27
  • Final Fantasy 30th anniversary site opens
  • Final Fantasy XV TGS stage footage feat. Aranea Highwind
  • Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 32 Summary; Patch 3.4 detailed
  • Final Fantasy XV’s PS4 Pro version demoed at TGS
  • Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV – Episode 5 “The Warmth of Light” now online
  • King’s Knight – Wrath of the Dark Dragon announced for iOS/Android, part of FFXV Universe
  • Final Fantasy XV to support PS4 Pro at launch
  • You got your Cup Noodle in my Final Fantasy XV
  • Watch 30 minutes of SaGa Scarlet Grace, special edition revealed

Meet Sophia, the newest member of the Warring Triad to arrive in FFXIV – mogffxiv.com

Last weekend during a Letter from the Producer Live stream at Tokyo Game Show 2016, the Final Fantasy XIV team debuted the trailer for Patch 3.4 Soul Surrender and detailed some of its new contents. Today, we have an official description of the the newest trial via the Lodestone:

  • History tells of a Meracydian nation comprised of a multitude of races, the foundations of which were built on the worship of a single deity. The “Goddess,” as she was simply known, graced the souls of her worshipers with perfect equilibrium, binding their disparate societies in gilded chains of harmony.

    In the present day, she is better known as Sophia, one of the incalculably powerful eikons of the Warring Triad. And after five thousand years of imprisonment, her failed plans for vengeance once more threaten to come to fruition. Defeat the wakened thralls and slay the stirring Goddess, lest her divine “balance” bring all the world to equal ruin!

Sophia is the second of three encounters with The Warring Triad, the first being against Sephirot in Patch 3.2 The Gears of Change. The story goes that these three Primals, “Eikons” if you prefer, were the first three bound by the Allagan Empire to use for their own ends. This same technology was also used to develop Dalamud — the red “moon” that imprisoned Bahamut until the Seventh Umbral Era.

They had been sealed within an ancient imperial flagship in Azys Lla until the events of Heavensward saw them stir from a centuries-long slumber. Now it seems that the Garlean Empire has taken an interest. Enter you, the Warrior of Light, to sort things out.

Fans of Final Fantasy VI will undoubtedly recognize this encounter as the Goddess (sketch by Tetsuya Nomura), fought in the World of Ruin ascending Kefka’s Tower, as well as a remix of The Fierce Battle in the first phase.

In the video above, Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida takes us into The Containment Bay P1T9 to show off a bit of the arena and the encounter. While the sides of the arena can be broken off, and you can fall from a great height, Yoshida assures players that you can still be raised.

Sephirot may have felt like a game of jump-rope by dodging his sweeping arm, but Sophia will be more of “a mind training game“. Difficulty-wise, Yoshida pinned it as an easier encounter than The Final Steps of Faith.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4 Soul Surrender will arrive on Tuesday, September 27th, 2016.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4 screenshots: Alexander, Sophia, PvP and more on mogffxiv

Square Enix has released a batch of new screenshots celebrating Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 3.4 – due out next week. The new content will launch on September 27, headlined by new main scenario and side quests, the latest battle in the Warring Triad series (Sophia, the Goddess), and the final chapter of the high-level Alexander raid – The Creator.

The latest screenshots also give us a look at new gear, mounts, minions and hairstyles along with Adventurer Squadrons, PvP, Wondrous Tails and more. Additionally, Square Enix has outlined an expansion to the Palace of the Dead and the continuation of the Anima Weapon quest line to come at a later date in Patch 3.45.

Further teases and information on Patch 3.4 can be gathered from its official trailer here.