Akira Toriyama special event suggestion

I think it will be a good idea to create an Akira Toriyama based event. We had Dragon Quest already, but I feel we need more from this fantastic artist. Many things come to mind, such as Chrono Trigger (many times requested) based minions/mounts/glamours, amongst maybe the most iconic elements of his work. Maybe something related to his birthday or anniversary? I don’t know. But it is definetly worth it, and seeing that even Yokai Watch blends in better than expected with the FF14 universe, anything will fit just as nicely.

For example,

Chrono Cross:
– Crono, Marle, Ayla, Frog, Magus, Robo (I mean, how cute will that be??) minions. Lucca/Crono glamour sets.
– Dactyl mount.

Dr Slump:
– Arale minion/glamour set.
– Senbei’s “N’Cha” as an emote.
– Gatchan minion.
– Obotchaman mount.
– Unchi-kun minions (yes, the poop!)

Blue Dragon:
– Deathroy minion.
– Destroy mount.
– Shu, Zola, Nene, Kluke, Jiro minions/glamour sets.

Dragon Ball:
– Kinto-un mount (obligatory!)
– Karin minion.
– Capsule minion (that while idle, switches randomly from a caravan/minihouse/car back to capsule).
– Muten Roshi’s training uniform glamour.
– Mr Satan minion.
– emote that transforms you for 5 seconds into super sayajin 4 (hehe) but keeping your character’s normal size.
– the seven Dragon Balls floating around your character as a minion.
– Goku’s and Chichi’s haircuts.
– Mr Popo and all the Kami/Kaioh samas as minions.

What do you guys think? Wouldn’t it be great for Toriyama fans?

How much do we actually like the dress-up game?

Just some questions to get an idea of how big a deal free character customization is to us compared to certain alternatives.

1. You can either (a) change mounts at any time, or (b) take only one with you at a time but each has different movement traits (jump height and distance, climbing ability, top speed, acceleration, turning, etc.).

2. You can either (a) glamour any piece of gear of the same type (plate/mail/leather/cloth/any) with zero additional effects, or (b) blend stats between the glamoured item and that of the glamour itself, meaning that your appearance has real effects. New ways in which a, say, a tank may maximize evasion or speed at cost of passive defense by wearing/glamouring lesser armor classes. All classes use all primary stats to some degree. There is now a trade-off for increased Defense (via Armor Class). Class restrictions reduced to “optimal” classes.

3. You can have (a) your customizable house in a housing area, or (b) fewer doodad options, but the ability to create guild housing (out of mini-zones) in the open world. Want a hidden canyon base? Take the area in South Thanalan.

4. You can have (a) complete freedom of customization, or (b) a degree of impact matching its appearance.

5. You can (a) have Egi glamours, or (b) push for more Egis outright (and greater distinction and broader usefulness among each, old and new).

I realize these aren’t all (remotely) fair questions. I’m mostly just looking for your thoughts on the subject generally. These questions were just to get the ball rolling, of course. I invite all parallels to hub vs. open world content, real vs. intrinsic rewards, or whatever you feel is related.

Totally fine. Throw in a D, even, if you like, for a particular amount of each that you describe after.

Also, if anyone wants to throw up their own question, I can sticky it here.

None of these are being recommended as changes. I’m just looking at general opinions for my own knowledge and am trying to figure out what might have some opportunities to try to bridge the gap between the convenience, instancing, customization, etc. on one end and the sense of real differences between the options (hopefully without closing any of those options off, aiming always greater variety in playstyle with minimal disparity in numeric output) or living, breathing world on the other, where those two may come into conflict. Where does immersion, community, etc., come from and what might it require us to sacrifice from convenience to some extent in order to capitalize on it? To what point is doing so worthwhile?

If balancing issues are the primary reason for your decision, it’d help me a lot if you’d write as much. Even now there are many such issues that reduce the real options available to use—skill speed being fairly terrible outside of certain plateaus compared on most jobs to Det or especially Crit, Spell Speed being shit on SMN, hard accuracy cap with zero use for any excess but too great a cost to skimp at all where frontal-caps are needed, etc.—and I’d rather face those issues head on and discuss how they might be fixed rather than assume that they cannot be, if you’d allow us the chance.

My opinion on endgame gear progression

NOTE: I am disappointed in how this game is turning out.If you wanna play the white knight and defend this game because it’s the greatest game ever: Yeah got ya, you like it.Don’t be rude in the comments.I’m just venting the disappointment and anger that’s been building up.

So yeah the post may sound angry, just don’t take my anger too serious, kay?I care about this game, I want it to be great.

EDIT: Please note that I’ve just been playing this game for 4 months.I don’t know much about the games gear update cycles.I only know that i240 is easy to get and a lot of people have it.

EDIT 12423508252 : Thank’s for your comments everybody. According to you my complaints are the result of these so called “catch-up” patches.
I’m going to re-evaluate my opinion of the gear progression as soon as a new major content patch comes out.
Hey there,

I main DRK.I currently am full 230/240 on the left side and are working on 230/240 accesoires right now. My weapon is i210.

I have never done Alexander Savage as I haven’t found a party for it yet.I am however doing coil with my FC because none of us ever did t10-t13.

I am not going to rant about the content itself, I’m going to state my opinion on the gear progression.

I don’t really know how to start.What I dislike the most is that raiding doesn’t really reward you.
What is the point in doing the hard content,that Alexander Savage is, if you’re not really getting anything out of it?
i240 armor is extremely easy to get outside of raids.And I do mean extremely easy.
Just do your expert roulette every day, do void ark and weeping city once per week and boom.i240 equipment. Yeah sure breast and pants take 2 weeks but whatever.

Why should I raid if i240 equipment is this easy to get?All you have to do is doing those extremely boring faceroll easy dungeons/raids. Why even bother with savage raids?

Some may say weapons, lets talk about them:

It’s confusing that i240 armor is extremely easy to get but weapons are not.
You actually have to work for your weapons, at least more than for your armor.
The easiest to get not somewhat hard content weapon is the i210 one.Get your i200, run void ark 1 time boom i210.

If you want something better than that do Sephirot EX, and even better is the Nidhogg EX one. That’s no faceroll content (‘im not saying its extremely hard either).

But what about the best weapons in the game? This is where depression,agony and anger starts to pop up.

Animus. Animus is i240 and yet on certain classes better than the i245 A8S weapon. WHAT?! Even if it was better.Why.The.Crap.Is.An.Easy.To.Get.Weapon.That.Freaking.Good ?!

Don’t get me wrong, Animus is the biggest pain in the butt I have probably experienced so far in any mmo by having you do boring lower level dungeons and the failure that FATEs are.
It is annoying to get, but not hard to get.

As I see it Animus is not worth the high amount of boring content you have to do to get it.Even if it’s one of the best weapons.
The i245 isn’t worth it either because it’s nothing special.Hard to get but not worth the time considering if you just shut down your brain and sold your soul to the devil you could get an evenly good weapon.
Honestly Square Enix. What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to please Savage Raiders by throwing something to do at them but at the same time give the people that can’t be bothered to even try to finishing niddhog normal without dying the best possible gear in the game?
This is annoying me so much with this game.Square Enix is handing everything away.You don’t have to work for anything.They are even thinking of implementing jump potions so that people don’t even have to play the game! What’s next?Bots that farm EXP for you?
Why not make new characters insta 60 and have the best possible equipment in the game from the get-go?
What is the point in playing this game?

“You’ve got so much other stuff to do!” – Yeah but this is a fighting MMO (and being marketed as one).Not a fishing or crafting or gaterhing mmo.The only reason many people play this game is for the accomplishment.The feeling of having achieved something.

“If you don’t like it why are you playing it” – I am a huge Final Fantasy fan and I enjoy this game when playing with friends.

“What’s your problem then?” – I’m not getting the feeling of having accomplished something in this game.I want to be rewarded for beating hard content.
Honestly people, please tell me what I’m supposed to do in this game.Gear progression is crap, dungeons aren’t even remotely challenging, leveling alt jobs is just tedious FATE grinding.

I am a paying customer, I’m allowed to state my opinion.If you disagree with my opinion feel free to comment but keep it civilized.

During the past 4 months I have lost several ingame friends because they’ve stopped playing.Two of them were playing since 2.0 was released, they didn’t see the point in this game anymore because all they did was beast tribe dailies, roulette, raids once per week then log off.

To all the players that like getting everything shoved into their butt: I hate you, you are ruining the gaming industry.I’m waiting for SE to sell the best equipment in the game on the mogstation.I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

PS: I only rant on the forum. I’m using the forum to vent my frustration and disappointment in this game. Yes there are things that are fun in this game (I enjoy doing Palace of the Dead with friends, Coil is fun too) but since I’m a progression oriented gamer I obviously need progression otherwise I lose fun pretty quickly.

A gentle feedback rant about extending subscription

When I login through the main site, why does it ask for my birthday, country and nickname? And when I input my username as nickname, it says it’s already in use? How does that make any sense? Then I input random letters as nickname and it says my account was created today even though I’ve been using the very account to play the game for a month now.

Next I find out that I need to launch the launcher and press “Account” there which takes me to a new page to log in with different layout than the main page. Now I’m checking to make sure I’m even on the right page and not in a fake site.

So, I’m finally logged in and I want to extend my game subscription. You only take Steam/Steam Wallet? And Steam doesn’t take Paypal as a subscription payment option. Now, that’s not this site’s fault; that’s Steam’s problem.

I look around for an alternative payment option that would let me use Paypal, so I’m on my profile and I try to sign up for recurring subscription payments and the website’s layout changes completely, and now I’m making sure again that I am on the legimitate page. After that’s over with, I find that there’s no Paypal option. Why not?

What I end up having to do is use Steam Wallet for one time payment, I need to add funds to Steam, Steam sends me to Paypal, Paypal checks my bank account (although no user interaction here), and now I have funds in Steam to pay for the next 30 days.

You can probably tell that I’m getting a little frustrated but ‘ey, I got my 30 days of gameplay and I can continue playing this amazing game! I truly do love the game! But I thought I’d give some feedback to the forums. The forum’s layout is different from all the other layouts mentioned previously.

Alright, so I login in the forums and it asks for my nickname, I don’t know why, maybe for security reasons? But whatever, I put my casual nickname and it’s available, woo!

Then I try to go to the forums; “You cannot use forum until you’ve selected main character” … WHAT?! Whatever, I select my main character and press “save changes” and the website refreshes. “You cannot use forum until you’ve selected main character” ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW. Okay maybe it’s a bug. I try three times more, and the same thing… Then I see the little grey star in the grey background and I click on it. Apparently that’s how you select your main even though when you click on a character, it highlights it, which I thought was the way to select it.

And now I’m finally here, writing this. It’s a bit of a rant, but I thought I should share my experience. Now, I love FFXIV, it’s a really fun game and I haven’t had any trouble in it so far. Community is lovely and helpful!

Anyways, this is the rant about my experience trying to extend my subscription and coming to the forums.

P.S. This is apparently too long for a single post. It’s only 2.8k characters!

Dragoon Main LF A8s/7s & 3.4 Static

I am an experienced i240 Dragoon main looking for a progression focused static. I have cleared all 3.x raid content besides A8s, experienced up to second intermission. My previous group disbanded due to scheduling/roster issues, and I am just coming back from a short break from the game. I learn mechanics quickly, enjoy optimizing my own play and even moreso I enjoy optimizing raid dps by working out strats with my raid group instead of simply following guides. Always open to criticism, and open discussion concerning raid performance.

Not interested in playing with people that need their Ego stroked regularly or can’t handle criticism. I also don’t want to waste time wiping to fights/phases of fights that have already been progressed due to someone tunneling or chasing fflogs parses during progression season. Nor am I interested in raiding with people that dont care about showing up to raid on time and wasting my own or other’s time.

I can work around any raid schedule with start times of 7 pm eastern or later. During progression I am looking to raid around 15 hours a week minimum, and could raid up to 20-24 a week(could raid more for 1, maybe 2 weeks of content releases). I also don’t mind spending extra time during farm season working on speedkills, doing parse runs, or sales, though none of that is essential for me personally in a group.

I swapped to War for Midas progression, and the result of this is that I have very few current/relevant Drg parses(anything recent was from random traps and not representative of the #s i could push under ideal circumstances) though I can supply a dummy parse if desired, and have no issue providing Vods of my Drg play from Gordias or War for Midas. My Mnk is undergeared but I can have it geared and ready for 3.4 progression if needed.

This dummy is a dummy

Time: All the time

Frequency: Every time
World name: Any world
Character name: Doesnt Matter
Retainer name: Not Applicable
NPC name: Striking Dummy
Monster name: Striking Dummy
Class/Level: Any level
Party or solo: Party and Solo
In-game time: All the time
Area and coordinates: Housing, Mist, Goblet etc.
Housing: Yes. Mist, Goblet, etc.
1. Be a Paladin
2. Go to any housing area
3. Target a Striking Dummy
4. Use Goring Blade
5. See more low quality things in Eorzea since 2.x

Here is my paladin hitting a dummy in the housing area.

Note: the Goring Blade effect goes *above* the target, not through it.

Here is my paladin hitting a dummy not in housing areas.

Note: The Goring Blade effect goes through the target, not *above* it, which going through the target i believe is the desired effect….

Square Enix have no control over your Internet connection

Sorry, but these forums are mainly for players to talk to other players. Occasionally a community rep replies, but this is very infrequent. This isn’t the place to go for official tech support.

This, exactly. I’m also in the UK and play on a (different) NA server and I’m not affected either. I have friends in the UK that do have issues from time to time though and they’re all with the same ISP so we know it’s a routing problem with some ISPs.

It means your route to the game servers (Canada) are going through some places that are losing or slowing down your packets and at a guess you’re going via Level 3 Communications which seems to be where most of these problems occur. From what I’ve read on the forums Comcast seem to (nearly?) always send their customers via L3 to get to Square Enix, but other ISPs will use them as well, just Comcast comes up a lot.

You would need to do a traceroute to check and even if it’s not L3 it’s worth doing when you are having problems as it will show you where the problems are actually happening (so you can know who to direct your annoyance at). You can then give this information to your ISP so they can route your around the bad places. They probably won’t, but they’re the only ones can directly change your route.

Most of the people in that thread you linked seem to suggest things were better with WTFast, further confirming it’s a network issue. WTFast (and other tunneling software) essentially work by trying to route your connection around bad networks that drop/slow your packets. This is something your ISP can (and should) do, although from what I understand getting an ISP to actually do that is unfortunately pretty hard and in some cases using another ISP might not be an option.

But just to clarify, Square Enix have no control over your Internet connection or how you connect to their servers. They can only control their servers and local network, they can’t influence or fix if you go through bad connections to get them to.

Your router is only responsible for your initial connection to your Internet provider (wherever they are based). So whenever you do something on the Internet your router sends the traffic to your Internet provider and they then point it on to the destination, but essentially your router is only responsible for that initial bit of your connection, it literally routed the traffic (to the ISP).

Your Internet connection is only as good as all the hops it has to pass through to get to the destination server. So even if you have a super fast connection that is stable/reliable most of the time, if to get to the destination server your traffic is trying to go through networks that lose/delay them then that in turn has a knock-on effect for you, either slowing it down, or making it unreliable or both.

If you’re going from Canada to Japan it might actually be sending you round the long way (via Europe!) although you’d hope not, it’s entirely possible that the connection going round that way is more reliable so the ISP routes you that way instead of the shorter direction (via Alaska and Russia?). You’d have to run a traceroute when you’re having problems to see which way for sure.

Please add “Duty Roulette: Exploratory Missions”

Okay okay, I get it. The Diadem is horrible, The Diadem gave you cancer, The Diadem is the reason people aren’t living on the moon right now or using flying cars. Everyone knows how much people hate The Diadem.

This isn’t a thread about if The Diadem is good or not but feel free to criticize this idea with those points if you want to. What I’m proposing with this thread is a new way to cap Tomestones in a week with a new roulette.

If you frequent the forums or anywhere that discusses the game, I’m sure you’ve seen many people complain about how they hate doing other roulettes all the time like Expert so they can cap. Personally I find capping 100% fine as it is, especially with the addition of the Aquapolis. But there are still people who absolutely hate capping each week and it makes them want to quit.

What I think would help a lot is what I wrote in the title, “Duty Roulette: Exploratory Missions”. For those that don’t know in The Diadem you get a list of like 8 random objectives which your party needs to clear 3 of to get your tomestones reward for the run. Objectives can be kill X monster Y amount of times, gather Z amount of items with one of the gatherers and examine certain crystals on the map.

Sure spending the full 30 minutes+ in The Diadem makes a lot of players have thoughts of murdering Yoshida, but completing the objectives is a simple enough task and can be quite fun in small doses.

One of the reasons the Diadem was made seemed to be as a new way to cap. And I really believe that it still would be a decent way to cap with this addition.

Right now people get 75 Lore/140 Esoterics in Expert, with best case scenario 45 lore/200 Eso in level 60 or worst case 25 Lore/130 Eso (Or with ARF, 25 lore, 250 Eso), 40 Lore/100 Eso from Frontlines roulette. The Diadem right now gives 10 Lore per easy (With 20 Eso)/normal mode(With 30 Eso) and 15 lore/40 Eso for Hard mode (Hard doesn’t really matter for this thread since it can’t be queued for).

If the Diadem was given a Roulette with a bonus of 40 Lore and 90 Eso for a daily, I think it would help a lot with people getting burnt out from Dungeons in the game. This would mean you get 50 lore a day with the Roulette, 110 Eso if you get Easy, 120 Eso if you get Normal.

A massive problem to this would needing to be in Ishgard for it and the whole drama of people who just gathering rolling for loot that others are fighting to get. With the second problem, I think the best solution is to just leave the party you’re in if it happens with pugs after you get the tomestones and use Party Finder for a Roulette run for monster hunting. Anything after the tomestones is just an added bonus so there is no point in staying in the party if players inside it are making you frustrated. With the first problem I think if the rewards are good enough for a little break from the normal grind, people will wait in Ishgard for their roulette to pop as long as the queue is low.

mogffxiv – Western Final Fantasy Trading Card release details shared

At Japan Expo 2016 Square Enix reconfirmed to us that the Final Fantasy Trading Card game will be released in Mid-October 2016, following the pre-sales at the end of September.

The trading card game will be released in major European countries with English, German, French and Spanish supported at launch. An Italian version of the game will be added a bit later.

Thee different starter sets will be available at launch: One edition for Final Fantasy VII, one for Final Fantasy X and and a third one for Final Fantasy XIII. Each starter set is based on two different elements: FFVII has earth and fire, FFX has water and wind while FFXIII has thunder and ice.

A release in other territories like North America or Australia hasn’t been announced yet, but might follow.

mogffxiv – More World of Final Fantasy gameplay footage online

Various Japanese outlets have gone live with new footage from World of Final Fantasy, showcasing the ins and outs of the game’s battle systems.

Fans had a chance to play the game last week at Japan Expo in France. PlayStation Access posted an English language video detailing some of the changes and improvements since last year. Check it out here.

World of Final Fantasy will release on October 25th in North America, October 27th in Japan, and October 28th in Europe.

Via: 4Gamer, Dengeki Online, Famitsu.