FFXIV loves giving players stuff to grind and unlock

Instead of complicated solutions, just remove limits on switching GC

For a start, I think the focus should be on trying to swiftly end the frustration of GC PvP population imbalances inflating queue times, restricting freedom to play with others, and confusing new NA/EU PvPers who don’t understand why everything seems so broken.

Given limited developer resources, I think the simplest (crudest) solutions have the best chance of being implemented, especially in the short term.

So how simple can we get, while still improving the situation?
Completely remove cooldown on switching GCs (ie, edit a variable)
Completely remove the fee for switching GCs (ie, edit a variable)
One shared PvP Ability Rank (AP pool) across all GCs (possibly more complicated than editing a variable, but hopefully not much)
And to support those changes, some additional bonus improvements that might be crossing the line into ‘too complicated’:
Show how many of each GC are in the queue, or at least clearly indicate which GC is currently ready to play and which GC is currently waiting for more players
Grand Company in Need bonus for whichever GC is suffering minority status at the moment
If deemed necessary, make this a feature that each player unlocks (because FFXIV loves giving players stuff to grind and unlock), possibly with a fluff quest attached (like the Beast Tribe finale) acknowledging you as ☆Special☆ for whatever you did to unlock it (and thus allowed to fight for whichever GC you choose to at-will).

I think this band-aid would be sad in some ways (currently, there’s a definite personality and community within each GC on each Datacenter), but I also think the benefits of removing a lot of the factors that create deadlocked and stagnant queues would outweigh the sentimental losses.

However, the most useful thing for the developers is our discussions, criticisms, arguments, etc, so please speak candidly about whether you feel this idea would improve the overall situation and your personal frustrations with the current PvP system.

With FFXIV-style teleporting between homepoints being added in FFXI now

Really I don’t see Yoshi and the development team ever bothering with such a feature now – players asked about it way back in Beta and they basically said “no” as it is adds little to nothing to gameplay and just wastes player time for the development and system resources required to be spent on it. Also Eorzean airships (namely, the Bronco- class ships) operated by Highwind Skyways are far far smaller than the Vanad’diel airships and are definitely not designed to feature as zones (they look more like flying taxis than actual ships).

And one of the major peeves of mine about FFXI’s airships with the ‘real time flight’ aspect was they ran to strict timetables, and there was nothing more infuriating than missing an airship or ferry by the skin of my teeth and then having to wait a frustrating long time for the next one to arrive (like, up to nearly an hour of real time at least in some cases, like with the ferry) – at least here airships only depart when you board them so leave that nonsense behind in the past where it belongs. With FFXIV-style teleporting between homepoints being added in FFXI now (complete with ffxiv gil cost) and the result of airships barely seeing any use at all now in FFXI it’s clear even SE themselves regard the concept as outdated.

Finally it’s highly likely we will not be visiting a new continent for quite a long time yet (we still have one Eorzean citystate to visit, namely Ala Mhigo, which is strongly hinted to be the city we will be travelling to in the next expansion) so even if SE did decide to add this for ‘international’ airship flights, it won’t be added any time soon I’m afraid.

Those train tracks are not as long as they seem, they only run between Castrum Centri in Mor Dhona and Castrum Meridanium in Northern Thanalan – they don’t run anywhere else (it’s little more than a glorified conveyor belt). Given you already use the tracks on foot as the zone line between the two zones, there is zero use or need for the player to actually travel on it – unless, it was used to access say Castrum Centri as an actual dungeon in the future. But that is highly unlikely.

Now Ul’dah’s separate railway on the other hand I can definitely see being used for players as an extra mode of transport in and out of the city, similar to the ferries used in Limsa Lominsa and Gridania… but alas, given the backstory of the railway that Lolorito has been deliberately stonewalling Nanamo’s attempts to open the line up to passengers (to prevent competition to his lucrative chocobo haulage business), alas I don’t see this sadly happening either.

FFXIV Secure: 72 man, hands down

In 72 man, you had enough capture points that securing them actually made a difference to the final score, and players were constantly fighting over them. Drone spawns were just there for an added bonus, and were not the main point. In 24 man, once you caught your primary capture point everyone just cluttered up on the top of the tower and waited on Drones. Drones spawned. Dps check started. Drones died. People pecked at each other for a bit, but mostly, people just split up and waited for the next drones. It was stupid and boring, and there was more PvE than PvP (sound familiar?).

The only time I’d like to see 24 man Secure brought back is if they take the stupid Drones out of it entirely and replace them with a fourth flag on the top of the tower.

Slaughter: 24 man, I guess…

Honestly, I don’t really care, because that game mode was a huge s*** show from start to finish, no matter how many people were in it. 24 man seems the most viable way to do it, though. Given that there’s practically no objectives and the map is huge, it would be best to split the map up into smaller zones and just make it 24 man.

Seize: Either, but I preferred the 72 man.

This is mostly just because of the size of the map, and the fact that it’s a 3-way fight. It’s next to impossible for a 8 man team to split up and still be effective, so in 24 man matches there’s always one GC who could potentially be left out from all of the combat. That’s kind of lame. 72-man had more possibilities, and it was less likely for any teams to be completely uncontested.

Shatter: 24 man, but it’s really hard to judge this one.

So far, the spawn pattern of the Shatter Points has had more of an effect on how fun the Shatter game mode is than the actual size of the teams. I’ll take 24 man for faster queue times and more team-oriented game play, but so long as Shatter is just a big game of whack-a-mole, I don’t think the size of the team makes a big enough difference to care about.

E3 2016: A step forward into Final Fantasy XV on mogffxiv

The realm of the possible and impossible seem to grey when you ride the escalator up and enter the doors of E3. Taking a quick glimpse back, all you can see are smiles as fellow gamers slowly make their way up. As I walked through the glass doors strewn with advertisements of games I love, my eyes became fixed on what laid before me.

Square Enix’s booth shined bright. Music from Afrojack blared as I moved closer to the game I was waiting to see. My fear from the previous day’s conference slowly faded and I finally decided to take the dive. First up I had to play Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. To you Final Fantasy fans, you understand. I had to get a taste of that time-based but active feel before I attempted to try the new action platform Final Fantasy XV was using.

FFXII was incredible. Apart from a few small facial shading issues when the game went to HD, it played perfectly. It is what every FFXII fan would love and appreciate when seeing it revived for the current generation.

Next up was a media event celebrating what Final Fantasy XV had to offer the public ran by the game’s director Hajime Tabata. We were welcomed to the briefing and told to expect a bit of a bonus during each of the day’s live streams. “All right already,” I thought to myself – still worried about whether I should be excited or disappointed. At that point I still had no idea what to expect.

He began the presentation with the catchphrase: Final Fantasy XV is Leading Edge. My immediate thought was, “What the hell does that mean?” But as he spoke, it became clear. Not only is FFXV the first major attempt at bringing the series we know and love to a new medium, but the battle system has been changed to more of an action-style feel along with open-world sensibilities. It’s the latter point that caused my fears to subside – granted I know this might not be the best game in the series based on what was shown but there’s still hope.

After Tabata finished I decided it was time to finally dive into the demo proper. I’ll be honest – I decided to pass on the demo they provided last year out of fear it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. I was also hesitant about the E3 demo, after they attempted to show it off during the Microsoft conference.

Getting into the booth to play was easy enough. Picking up the controller, the demo brought me through some quick basics and then into the fray. My opponent was Titan – and part of build much further along than what we saw on display the day before, according to director Tabata. Not only did it run smoother but actually playing it felt a lot more intuitive than we were lead to believe.

The Titan Challenge starts out somewhat subdued – lead character Noctis has to take out a few smaller enemies as both Gladiolus and he work their way up to the massive boss arena. After some story bits with Titan speaking to our irritated protagonist, he brings out his sword ready for battle. It’s up to you to stay alive until Noctis’ other friends can make their way through.

As this goes on, Noctis takes on Titan’s assault – a massive arm thrown his way as I hit a command prompt to defend. The demo made use of several Quick Time Event button prompts in order to parry and subsequently attack the beast. Going back and forth, it was all very overwhelming for our heroes. You’re forced to run further and Titan begins his counterattack as Noctis is allowed to warp around, evading damage.

Overall, Final Fantasy XV’s showing at E3 left me feeling fairly positive. It became extremely clear Square Enix is trying to make the most out of a difficult situation.

Eventually Ignis and Prompto join in, with Titan at the ready once more. It’s here the demo triggered me to cast Blizzara – the efforts of all my team members working together to shatter Titan’s arm and finally defeat him.

The demo was interesting, to say the least. The new battle system took some time to master with Noctis warping everywhere around the map. Once I got the hang of it, however, my gripes remaining boiled down to camera and image quality. I can only hope these issues will be fixed prior to release since they ultimately detracted from an otherwise positive experience during my play.

Overall, Final Fantasy XV‘s showing at E3 left me feeling fairly positive. It became extremely clear Square Enix is trying to make the most out of a difficult situation, which is not an easy task by any means. As more demonstrations become available following the batch of news we received throughout the week, I hope my fears continue to subside. As I said, I want to love this game and it’s getting there. They just have a bit to go before I’d consider it a home-run.

E3 2016: All the news, stories and more rounded up – mogffxiv.com

There’s no doubt E3 2016 was one of Square Enix’s biggest showings in recent memory. With a booth packed to the brim with playable demos, lengthy new trailers and a few exciting announcements the company is on track to deliver a banner year.

There’s quite a bit to digest – the staff put in their hardest here – but there’s more to come in just a few short months between Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show and PlayStation Experience. Should you have missed anything from this year’s show, we’ve rounded up all the big news for you below.

  • World of Final Fantasy broadcast reveals new gameplay, merchandise
  • International version of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV complete
  • Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV poster reveals Aug 19 release date, in select theaters
  • Final Fantasy XV gameplay shown off at Microsoft E3 press conference
  • Final Fantasy XV – New Trailer + VR Experience Revealed (Update: New Trailer, Images)
  • Kingsglaive, Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV – E3 2016 Trailers
  • NieR Automata E3 2016 Trailer – game releasing in Early 2017
  • A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV pre-order exclusive game revealed
  • Final Fantasy XV North American “near-final” boxart revealed
  • Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV – Episode 2 “Dogged Runner” now online
  • Final Fantasy XV Special Presentation at E3 shows off gameplay tenets, new Wait Mode in battle
  • Final Fantasy XV videos feature gameplay, cutscenes, and design approach
  • Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness – E3 2016 Trailer, Relia spotlight, voice cast, & spaceship videos
  • Nomura comments on the possibility of The World Ends with You sequel, Final Fantasy VII Remake still far away
  • Square Enix hasn’t ruled out porting the previous Kingdom Hearts collections to PS4
  • Dragon Quest Builders release date revealed for North America and Europe
  • Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD runs at 1080p and 60fps
  • Nomura talks Kingdom Hearts III and HD 2.8
  • New Altissia footage revealed and more during Final Fantasy XV’s ATR
  • Tabata and Nozue discuss Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV in the game’s universe
  • Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter @ E3 2016 Summary
  • Dragon Quest VII 3DS E3 2016 trailer; arrives September 16 in North America and Europe
  • Here’s a look at NieR Automata gameplay from E3 2016
  • Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age gameplay shows off brand-new features
  • E3 2016: Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata answers 16 questions from fans
  • Dragon Quest Heroes II PS Vita demo releases next week in Japan
  • E3 2016: New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue screenshots
  • Three Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV characters further revealed
  • E3 2016: A step forward into Final Fantasy XV

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section below.

mogffxiv – Tabata on why the Niflheim invasion was cut from Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has undergone a lot of changes over the years. From a generational shift, to mainline status and an all-new director – it’s clear this isn’t quite the same game drawn up 10 years ago.

Perhaps the biggest changes came with Final Fantasy XV‘s story. Instead of a massive “epic” spanning possible multiple games, Hajime Tabata and team were tasked with cutting the story down to just one entry – which meant changing various elements and the removal of several key scenes already shown to the public. One such scene involved the game’s original opening – a Midgar-esque start off in the modern city of Insomnia in which Noctis and friends would eventually escape from Niflheim’s invasion.

It’s clear those ideas and more from the E3 2013 trailer were simply not meant to be. Now the main invasion will take place away from the main characters – with the bulk of those events transformed into the CG movie, Kingsglaive. Speaking with Kotaku, Tabata explained his decision further:

“When we first sat down to re-plan the project that’s Final Fantasy XV, we really looked at which elements we need and should use and could do to create that kind of unique gameplay experience that we wouldn’t really get anywhere else. It was a very in-depth discussion about what elements to keep and what to throw away or change. We felt because the theme we’re trying to handle here with the story is such a massive epic tale, we really couldn’t fit all of that into the game that we had the time to make. So we wanted to show the essential things to get the best story across, which is where we decided on that—that’s reflected in the final form of the game.

“It’s not that we don’t need to show the Niflheim invasion to get the story across, but because that episode is something that would take up so much effort and time that rather than force it into the game, we started up its own separate project independently, and that’s the tale we wanted to tell with the film. That’s why we moved that to Kingsglaive. From a story perspective we’d have to have both the game and the film, both of these together in one package, but realistically that’s not something we could have done in one game, it’s too much.

“It’s very similar to the kind of decision we had to ask ourselves, OK do we spend another six years to develop that whole complete package as one game or do we spend three years to do it in the way that we’re doing now? I think, it really doesn’t affect it which one you get to see—from a story perspective whether you see it as part of the game or through the film, and how we tell that story is not such a thing which is affected by that choice. We really are confident that we’ve made a really great experience with that. We felt the most important thing we needed to depict through the game was that idea of traveling together with these comrades and watching them all grow and develop as people emotionally at the same time. We really have gotten that in there, so from a story perspective I think we’ve done the best we can.”

mogffxiv – New Dissidia Final Fantasy character to be revealed next week

Square Enix is set to reveal a new character on the Chaos (villain) side of things next week during a special broadcast promoting Dissidia Final Fantasy for arcade. Fans can tune in to Niconico on June 27 starting at 21:00 JST to catch the latest information on the upcoming June 30 version update – including a look at a new character, existing character balancing and details on a tournament for the game to be held this Summer.

Dissidia Final Fantasy has already added a couple new characters to its initial 14 character roster including Final Fantasy Tactics‘ Ramza and Final Fantasy‘s Garland. The game was released exclusively in Japan this past November, with a home console version expected some time in the future.

mogffxiv | Square Enix explains why NieR Automata got delayed

Speaking to Destructoid at E3 last week, Square Enix revealed the reason behind the delay for NieR Automata. Originally, the company planned to release the title in November 2016, but due to concerns of the game going up “against other big titles” during that period, they came to the decision to hold it back until early 2017.

Platinum Games intends to use the extra development time to improve the game and give quality testers a suitable amount of time to check for any bugs and gameplay issues.

Lead designer Takahisa Taura mentioned another major concern was that they need to make sure the hardcore action elements Platinum Games is known for are well balanced and enjoyable to fans of the original game. Taura-san believes the additional time will allow Platinum Games to meet that goal.

NieR Automata is due out exclusively on PlayStation 4 early next year.

About the same FFXIV issue


Disconnection from client and error 90002 when teleporting or going through any form of loading screen. It also frequently occurs when out of combat, but never during (very peculiar).

Five to six times a day, at completely random times. It may go a full day without happening, or it may occur several times throughout the day.

Internet Provider
Virgin Media UK. There are multiple threads on their own forums, as well as here and on Reddit, that detail this exact problem, but none of them offer a solution.

Threads about the same issue:
• An open letter to VM regarding Final Fantasy XIV
• Is anybody here on Virgin Media (UK)?
• Any solutions to the 90002/90001 problem?

Worth noting that I have the 50Mb fiber connection package, which is otherwise extremely reliable in all sorts of games and software – except for FFXIV.

Tried resetting the router back to factory defaults; set up port forwarding and firewall; completely reinstall the game; switched from wireless to wired.

Additional Notes
While the game client boots me back to the main menu, everything else remains connected – such as Teamspeak and Discord – and nothing else loses connection. The computer itself also never loses connection to the router.

Upon being kicked back to the main menu, I can immediately reattempt to log back in, although I am greeted by the typical “your character is still logged in” error, which forces me to wait a minute or two.

Final Words
Please help me address this issue. Playing Final Fantasy has become a rather frustrating experience with the constant disconnections. It would be rather unpleasant if this was the reason I eventually stopped playing the game.

Liveletter “feedback”?

Hi everyone,

So after watching another liveletter I decided that I need to give SE a little piece of my mind haha. Anyway, before all liveletters we are asked to post our questions in a thread and they will answer some of them. Now I don’t know how many times I have seen a sick amount of votes for some questions just to see the community manager just completely ignore them. I did not even bother checking the thread this time so I don’t know if the questions this time were the ones people actually wanted answered the most or if it was simply the way it usually is.

Also maybe the forums are not representative of the playerbase in general and I am in a minority, but even so I believe there could be more balance in how to approach the questions.

I have seen a lot of liveletters, even when I don’t subscribe I usually follow them, and I have come to realize they don’t cater to people like me in liveletters at all. What I mean is that I don’t give a *piiiiip* about hats, minions, housing items, emote poses etc. I care about the gameplay. I want to know about what their plans are for more interesting itemization, ability bloat, horizontal vs vertical progression and so on and so forth. Questions like these so rarely even being recognized is so frustrating to watch. It is as if players like me are just completely ignored for the most part by either the community manager who might think minions are more important or SE because they just don’t want to answer other types of questions unless they have to.

The liveletter we just got was E3, now personally when I think of E3 I think about excitment and something a little more special than usual. That is part of what makes E3 so cool. I was looking forward to the liveletter partly because I really am excited for Deepest Dungeon (it looks great), but also because I figured if there was ever a good time for some more interesting information and some cool announcements that might not be at the level of new jobs which are saved for fanfests, it was at E3. Boy was I wrong.

More or less every single question was about housing, minions, emotes, RMT (which we already know they are working to stop) etc. Not a single question was asked that was interesting to me and just from reading the Twitch chat I know I was not alone in thinking that and unless people just stopped asking interesting questions in those threads (like I said I didn’t read them this time) I can’t for the life of me understand why the focus is so extremely tilted towards one type of player.

I have nothing at all against questions about minions etc, I have nothing against players that enjoy that type of thing and I want SE to answer those questions. It is just that what I would also like to see is a little balance. Please understand that there are some of us out there that really would like other questions answered as well. Even if just a couple. Please try to balance it more between different types of questions.

Lastly, just one thing… I have already learned that SE are experts at announcements of annoucements, but even so I always get my hopes up and yesterday was a good example. If you are at E3 and you claim to have some cool announcements at the end of the stream, again please try to balance those towards your whole playerbase. Plushies and dates for fanfest? I wasn’t even expecting a lot because I know most things will come at the fanfests, but that just took the cake in uninteresting information for me. Again, do I mind that is announced? No of course not I know there are a lot of people that get excited about that type of thing, but could you not have give us at least something small about the actual game? It was E3.