EU Lineage 2 Players Can Enjoy Sub-Based Hardcore Experience With Lineage 2 Classic

Yes, this site is all about free-to-play games, and what we’re reporting on technically isn’t. But since it’s based on a free-to-play game that some of you might play, we thought it might be of interest. Don’t worry, we won’t do it again.

Lineage 2 Classic

NCSoft has launched a new Lineage 2 Classic server for European players that’s “designed to mix the charm of early versions of the game with the best features of modern Lineage 2.” It’s a modern version of the game with a decidedly old-school feel to leveling and progression. Notably, players can lose XP and gear on death and will have to scrape and claw for levels and crafting resources. There are also Clan Wars, testing players’ PvP and letting them establish themselves as powerful clan leaders.

And, just to make sure it feels properly “old school,” this version of the game will carry a subscription fee. Right now, the server is only available to those who pre-ordered the game, but it will go live to everyone on the 29th. The question I have is, should an old-school MMO have a new Twitter account? Shouldn’t it be using MySpace or LiveJournal or something?

Healing as a Scholar – Need advice

Basically I need advice on playing as a scholar in general and I guess some tips would help, I’m level 50 and scholar is my only level 50 class at the moment.

Basically when I heal I usually use Eos and set them on obey and typically lrt them sustain the tank for a little bit to prolong how long I need before I actually throw a heal onto them, and usually it’s just a physik or two. I tend to monitor everyone’s health and keep the dps topped off while not expressing too much concern with keeping the tank at full health, and just tend to toss Miasma and Bio 2 onto mobs and then use bane to infect the entire group of mobs, sometimes I get close and throw a miasma 2 onto them, I tend to avoid regular bio since it doesn’t seem worth wasting the global cooldown.

As for healing my minion I usually just throw a sustain onto it and don’t worry about it after that.l, the cast is very short and the healing is very large. I tend to not use cleric stance since my action bar is very cluttered since I use almost every skills. I tend to not use cleric stance when dpsing in case I need to emergency heal, which I tend to save aetherflow for so I can use lustrate or energy drain for mana, but I rarely have mana issues since I tend to keep mana potions on me and use aetherflow/energy drain.

Anyways my concerns are as follows:

1. How do I use all my abilities, I know how each ability is useful and I tend to be able to analyze which situation I should use them in, but I have trouble just reaching them or finding enough slots for them.

2. Is there any way in particular I need to micromanage my pet? I see people say they’re able to manage their pet well but I’m unaware of what that means.

3. Should I level my thaumaturge to unlock stoneskin? I kind of hate grinding but I guess I should do it, I dunno.

4. How should I maximize my dps as a scholar aside from cleric stance? Any rotations I should use? I tend to just use Bio 2 + Miasma as my DOT rotation, I also use the level 50 arcanist ability, w/e that is.

5. What things do “good” scholars do? I hear playing the class to its fullest ability is very difficult and I’m not sure what that means or what that involves. Continue reading Healing as a Scholar – Need advice

Improving UI & Keybinds – Redundant Restrictions

Hey there.
I’d like to see a simple, straightforward improvement to keybinds and dialog UI.

My suggestion extends to any area of the game where it does not make sense to prevent the same key from being bound to different actions.
Specifically, actions that exist in isolated, mutually exclusive scenarios, therefore preventing any conflicts.

I’ll give an example of how interaction with most objects or NPCs works:
1 – You have one of 4 tasks
A – press “next”
B – press OK/Cancel
C – choosing one among multiple answers
D – deliver items
2 – You cannot do ANYTHING else while the game awaits you to complete A, B or C.
While the game is waiting for you to deliver items (D), you can open inventory and armory. Continue reading Improving UI & Keybinds – Redundant Restrictions

Dark Knight lore/story question (Spoilers)

At the end of the level 50 job quest. Our “darkside”/Fray disolves after we seem to join together in the end.

When our dark side disappears it is done using the sparkle effect that I’ve only ever seen shown when a primal dies.

So is our dark side a primal? If so, how did it come into being in the first place?

I felt that Darkness and you were still connected, even though it was manifested. It kept trying to get you to accept and listen to the darkness within yourself. Its interesting that it seemed to suffer weakness several times in the quests too. There is nothing to say a echo user cant occupy two hosts at the same time.

It was definitely something possessing Fray’s corpse because it left the body behind afterward. They mention at the end that they gave the body of our ‘friend’ a full burial. I also think the difference with the Dark Knight Crystal and our other Crystals is a cross between the nature of the Dark Knights powers and the internal turmoil the WoL would have been experiencing, particularly right after 2.55. We are inexperienced with the echo as we almost always use it passively. We could have easily used it by accident, particularly if the Soul Crystal sparked off a part of ourselves we were supressing. Continue reading Dark Knight lore/story question (Spoilers)

Pandemonia Ascension «Demi» is recruiting raiders & social members

Pandemonia Ascension was created in 2014 between two friends with a common goal of providing a supportive environment for raiders. We strove for greatness and pushed our members to achieve the same. With a collective effort and positive reinforcement we managed to set and maintain multiple records from DPS numbers to clear times. Our vision was to lead our members and a multitude of teams to achieve the same level of success. In 2015 we made the decision to relocate ourselves and our members to a larger server where we could better foster teamwork, success, greatness, and above all a love for gaming. Now on the Gilgamesh server, we are proud to offer you a place within our walls.

While we welcome applications from prospective raid team members, general applicants and friends and family, do keep in mind the vision that we have established and continue to run our Company under: we seek members who strive to better themselves through knowledge, experience and an everlasting drive to push their skills within Final Fantasy XIV past their limits.

At this time we are recruiting for one team with a total of five open slots:

Team Blue Steel
Voip: Teamspeak3
Raid time: 8pm Pacific (11pm Eastern) for 3-4 hours
Raid days: fri/sat/sun/mon/tue 3-4 days will be set in stone upon further member establishment
Team makeup: WAR, DRG, BRD
Progression: fresh A4s & accepting members at A3s enrage Continue reading Pandemonia Ascension «Demi» is recruiting raiders & social members

Onto the title. Final Fantasy XIV has a problem

Transparency: Potencies and Secondary Stats

So, I’m unsure of where to post this, so I’m gonna do it on the general forums.

Anyway, onto the title. Final Fantasy XIV has a problem. And that problem is needless obfuscation of the means of potencies and secondary stats. As it stands, we are forced to attempt to reverse engineer the usefulness of our secondary stats. Due to this, we as players are, by design, lost in making intelligent decisions.

While potencies aren’t as troublesome, after all, Benefic is flat out weaker than Benefic II, but we struggle to quickly understand how much weaker it is on the fly. Like, I know from math that Benefic is only .625 of Benefic II, but why must I do math to understand that difference. Why can’t it be something along the lines of “Potency is equal to X% of your Attack Power, Attack Magic Power, or Healing Magic Power.” There’s no explanation of something so simple.

However, what is troubling is the secondary stats. Accuracy, Critical Hit Rate, Determination, Parry, Skill Speed, Spell Speed, and for healers, Piety are completely obscured. We have explanations of what these stats do, accuracy increases the chance of you hitting a target with an offensive ability, critical hit rate increases the rate at which you land criticals as well as the power of those criticals, determination is effectively a secondary core stat (why does this exist?), parry increases the rate you parry physical attacks, skill and spell speed increase the rate at which you can use weapon skills and spells, and piety increases your MP pool and by proxy increases your MP regeneration. What we do not know, is what these stats actually do. We have reverse engineered the math to a degree, but we don’t know how much power these stats hold. Do I really need that determination? What about more spell speed? How can I tell if my Piety is worthwhile, certainly I have figured it out using “The Keeper’s Hymn” to be about 6.6 MP per point, but why did I have to even do this? Continue reading Onto the title. Final Fantasy XIV has a problem