Which has the Mog Ex strat in French and German?

Just put this together now. Usually I just give stats on specific parts the group is failing on but I’ve done my best to cover everything. There’s probably things I’ve missed, but if you want to give translating this a go then I’d appreciate it.

For Tanks:
1.MT takes King and Ruffletuft
2.OT takes Whiskerwall
3.MT will focus target Whiskerwall, OT will focus target Ruffletuft
4.King will use Royal Rouse which gives a damage and healing bonus stack on the mogs around the King
5.MT and OT keep away from eachother to avoid both gaining stacks of “Royal Rouse”
6.After Ruffletuft gets 3 stacks of Royal Rouse, OT will provoke the King and tank away from Ruffletuft.
7.After Whiskerwall gets 3 stacks of Royal Rouse, MT will provoke the King away from Whiskerwall
8.This repeats through the entire fight.
9.Keep an eye on hate for Whiskerwall and Ruffletuft as they can reset aggro in the later phases of the fight.

For Healers:
1.Cleanse the “Bemoggled” status when Moogle-go-Round is being cast. You know this is happening when the floor goes purple in the last phases. Bemoggled will target two people in the party randomly, if it’s not cleansed then the attack will deal massive damage and most likely kill a healer or low HP dps. Continue reading Which has the Mog Ex strat in French and German?

Where Does the Meta/Paradigm Problem Apply?

There have been a lot of discussions about the tanking meta/paradigm lately. Some hate it, even if they go along with it. Some love it, even knowing it might not always be this way. Some disagree with the whole premise and stubbornly wear full 210 Fending gear to a 22k HP effect. But I’ve also seen discussions largely unrelated to the meta be hijacked. People who are leveling who come in to compliment SE on a job well done, only to have their threads pulled off topic by people taking their words to mean things they never meant, and applying their thoughts and ideas to a context they weren’t meant to apply to. This prompted me to think (uh oh), and figure out what’s going on.

The Meta Problem: Cliff Notes Version
In high end content, tanks who build their characters’ “tankiness” are not rewarded, and tanks who do not emphasize and maximize their own DPS by throwing caution to the wind will (generally) have a much harder time succeeding. Some say it’s an encounter design problem, some say it’s a job design problem, but a lot of tanks agree that this isn’t what we signed up for. When people complain about the meta, that’s their context.

But There’s More Out There
But here’s the (actually rather huge) thing: endgame content and progression raiding only account for a rather small component of content where tanks can actually tank. We have a huge body of group content 1-60 in terms of dungeons, trials, guildhests, and even raids that are all a bit more on the casual side of things. As others have pointed out, the most successful endgame gearing strategies and gameplay methods are beginning to be seen and even promoted in this wide body of content, but this may be a misjudgment and misapplication of paradigm by the community at large. Continue reading Where Does the Meta/Paradigm Problem Apply?

Idea: Dungeon Quests

Quests in a dungeon, multiple ones. Reason? To have more reasons to run these dungeons. Given the fact that this game requires us to run most of these dungeons for one purpose just to run them alot later (besides relics and cosmetics), others would love to learn more about the place they explore, what can be found there, tales that are unheard of that can only be experienced in those places.

To explain how it works is rather easy. Just have specific quests available for any player and allow for special interactions in different locations. Some require to fight special monsters, others have you gathering or even investigating fauna or mysteries. Yeah it will require some players to help out but none will go unrewarded as they’ll be notified at the start of each dungeon if a player has special quest to complete there. What those rewards are just use your imagination, something fair for the effort idk. Continue reading Idea: Dungeon Quests

The Things You Can Do With Melded i170 Stats

Hi everyone! After completing all i170 sets there wasn’t much left to my personal Crafting Endgame besides some experimenting to find optimal Endgame rotations. So far I’ve come up with 2 rotations that I’m quite fond of!

My Stats:

853 Craftsmanship
853 Control (With food)
472 CP (With food)

Please keep in mind that I cannot verify the reliability of these rotations if lower stats are used.

The first rotation can be used by every class as it has a little bit of everything in it. It also has an almost guaranteed Progress phase and 12 total Hasty Touches, 11 under SHII. It can be done with the minimum 2-Star stats however it requires 468 CP to function with 0 Goods for Tricks of the Trade.

Cross Classes:

Steady Hand II – SHII (CUL)
Hasty Touch – HT (CUL)
Maker’s Mark – MMark (GSM)
Flawless Synthesis – FS (GSM)
Comfort Zone – CZ (ALC)
Waste Not II – WNII (LTW)
Ingenuity II – INGII (BSM)
Byregot’s Blessing – BB (CRP)
Careful Synthesis II – CSII (WVR)
Piece by Piece – PbP (ARM)


Tricks of the Trade – ToT (ALC)
Reclaim – Rec (CUL)

With at least 853 Craftsmanship I can fail/ToT up to 3 FS and still complete the rotation, however if I lose more than 3 FS I usually skip the HT right after MMII and add a 4th CSII at the end. Less Craftsmanship means less room for FS failures, however you can always nix the un-buffed HT in favor of a 4th CSII at the end like I do when I have 4+ FS failures.

With 853 Control I’ve found I can fail up to 3 HT total and still reach 0%-100% HQ without a single Good, additional starting Quality and/or Goods will increase this buffer.

This second rotation was built with the intent of guaranteeing the highest possible Quality with an almost guaranteed Progress phase as well. It only has 8 cross-classes so it can naturally be used by any class.

Cross Classes: Continue reading The Things You Can Do With Melded i170 Stats

Inquiry About Combat

Hello, I am a new player to Final Fantasy XIV. I grew up on Final Fantasy games ever since they were first released in the US and I have been playing MMOs for about 12 years now.

So far this game is leaving a mostly positive impression on me, however, the combat is… pretty much a cookie cutter copy of every other MMO. But am I not deep enough into the game to see a more active and engaging combat system? Or is the face value I see now all there is to it?

To provide a more accurate comparison, my main MMO is Mabinogi. If you are in the middle of a combo, and your enemy can successfully load a counterattack, you are countered, knocked back, and your combo canceled.

I do not like standing there, letting the system just autoattack my way to a victory. Maybe I should choose a different class? Continue reading Inquiry About Combat

Which words or comments make your blood BURN in PvP?

So, just thought about making a thread for commenting those words or phrases you hate a lot in PvP and you just don’t withstand, and of course your reasons!…

I’m a bit weird in the sense so probably mine won’t be the same, but… Here it goes.

Advertisement, the following words are purely my opinion:

<– Phrases/words/comments that make me BURN in PvP –>

– “Defend” (I TOTALLY HATE this one. It’s so pointless to be defending… Attacking is the best defense. I only agree to defense when we wait for the other GCs to fight each other so then we sandwich, the rest.. Pointless… And what’s with those who decide to defend a node while being two or three?! What’s the point on it?! Nobody will ever attack a node alone, if you defend a node alone you are there to feed the 24 guys that are going to attack it… Geez)

– “Don’t chase” (I know what I do when I chase, and when I do it only a 5% of the times I end dying, If you don’t know when you can and when you should chase then don’t f**** critic the ones who know. Remember that who doesn’t risk doesn’t win kill. Continue reading Which words or comments make your blood BURN in PvP?

RDM as a DPS

Red Mage Spellblade concept

I relinquish any claim to intellectual property rights for this work. Square Enix may freely use this job design in whole or in part.

I’m pretty happy with this build. This is now my 4th revision and it goes up to lvl 70. My potency numbers are just estimates. I’m not naive enough to think that I’ve achieved good balance with these skill effects and potencies. And I’m also willing to admit this build is probably a bit over-powered and doesn’t have enough “junk” skills.

Role: DPS with utility. It is both melee and caster. Its damage should be on the low end of the dps spectrum.

Main stat: INT

Damage type: If SpellBlade is up, all damage is magical. Melee skills still use physical weapon damage rating. If SpellBlade is not up, auto-attacks, Quick Thrust, and Pressure are piercing.

Limit Break: Melee. Level 3 Vorpal Blade Chante Du Cigne… call it what you like

Cross class: RDM may set additional skills from CNJ and THM; Surecast, Swiftcast, Blizzard II, Sleep, Cure, Protect, Raise, and Stoneskin. Continue reading RDM as a DPS

TGS 2015: Final Fantasy XIV Will Receive PlayStation VR Support

During a TGS 2015 conference, Sony announced a few special things regarding their upcoming ventures in virtual reality. For one thing, their notorious Project Morpheus is being renamed to PlayStation VR . For another thing, Final Fantasy XIV will be receiving virtual reality support via PlayStation VR. And finally, a VR game is already in development based on the anime series Aquarion Evol .

Final Fantasy XIV

So why was Project Morpheus , an evocative name that invoked the Greek god of dreams, renamed to the coma-inducingly boring and practical PlayStation VR? Masayasu Ito, EVP, Division president of PS Product Business and VP, Software Design Division explained in a blog post:

“The name ‘PlayStation VR’ not only directly expresses an entirely new experience from PlayStation that allows players to feel as if they are physically inside the virtual world of a game, but it also reflects our hopes that we want our users to feel a sense of familiarity as they enjoy this amazing experience.”

Branding and boredom. Copy that. As for this Final Fantasy XIV VR support, details as to how PlayStation VR will be integrated into the world of Eorzea are scarce for now. Back in April , director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV Naoki Yoshida stated parts of Eorzea were already VR-compatible. Unfortunately, the graphics level had to be lowered in order to make those parts of the Final Fantasy XIV game world compatible with PlayStation VR, but Yoshida stated the experience was a unique one he hoped would be available to fans soon.

According to reports from TGS 2015, the addition of VR to the world of Final Fantasy XIV makes for a wildly immersive feel that will require lots of swivel room.

As for the Aquarion Evol VR game, gameplay footage from TGS 2015 showed off multiplayer mech battles that involved three people. The plot of Aquarion Evol focuses on a war between two planets fought via giant robots piloted by Elements, or people with special powers, as seen through the eyes of protagonist Amata Sora.

Other names floated through the TGS 2015 either as likely candidates for the PlayStation VR treatment include Cyber Danganronpa, Hatsune Miku, Tekken 7, Summer Lesson, The Playroom VR and more .

PlayStation VR is set for an early 2016 release date and is projected to cost as much as a new console.

Final Fantasy XIV PlayStation VR: Great Game That Made Me Nauseous (TGS Hands-On)

If we’re talking purely about game quality, Final Fantasy XIV may have been the best game at Sony’s PlayStation VR TGS booth, but it wasn’t the best VR experience. And that’s something I want to stress right away: VR experiences can and will vary widely from user to user. This game’s VR version made me nauseous and I had the slight beginnings of a headache. I am not saying this will happen to you, but I have to be honest and report that it happened to me.


Final Fantsy XIV is already a very polished, complete game available on PCs and PlayStation consoles. With a huge, detailed, beautiful world, it was easily one of the most interesting games to try in virtual reality. Visually, FFXIV VR satisfied overall. The characters and environment looked great through the first-person view I was given in my PlayStation VR headset. I was a knight in a wooden house, able to run and look freely about, wherever I wanted — everything looking clean all the while. Continue reading Final Fantasy XIV PlayStation VR: Great Game That Made Me Nauseous (TGS Hands-On)