Second Week in Final Fantasy XIV: Bring on the Funguars

Welcome all to week 2 of our Final Fantasy XIV adventures! Another week down in Eorzea and already Mr and Mrs Patch have grown significantly since last time. It’s very unfortunate, but a majority of our time last week in Eorzea was spent killing Squirrels, Ladybugs and Funguars. With that being said though, it feels so good getting some quests completed.

Second Week in Final Fantasy XIV: Bring on the Funguars

This week also saw little Cabbage get her first hunting log as well as her first official Quest from the Conjurer Guild. E-Sumi-Yan is the Conjurer Guild Master who has some pretty epic looking robes. I also get my first little bit of Conjurer gear with a massive hat. It’s so adorable how gigantic it is on Cabbage. Almost like Vivi’s hat in Final Fantasy IX. Continue reading Second Week in Final Fantasy XIV: Bring on the Funguars

Consumables by Crafters

I want to start this off by saying I don’t expect this to go anywhere other than idle banter, or an idea to entertain. Sometimes other ideas can spark starting from another. I am fully aware how ARR started with the idea in mind of no more consumables, however if they weren’t placed in a position that were a defining need, it could work. Considering the current isolation of crafters, I spent an early morning in bed (replace that with CEO room if its not justifiable enough) just thinking of possible ideas for each craft that could get injected to the game. The base idea I was going with were small degradable boosts that could be equipped or spent.

Alchemist – Potions, Phoenix Downs

Starting off with the most obvious one and probably easiest one to change. Potions have been in, and widely used in FF since forever – including XI, another MMO. The change here could be simple really; flip the percentage caps, and remove the HP cap. My example will deal with HP Potions, while MP could change near the same, and stat potions unchanged. Continue reading Consumables by Crafters

ARR 2.55 and FFXIV Heavensward spoilers below

Be warned — ARR 2.55 and Heavensward spoilers below.

Also, lots of assumptions and theorizing inbound. These are only musings and theories, nothing more.

As of the conclusion of Heavensward, I think it’s safe to say that most of the Scions will be returning in some capacity. Alphinaud seemed very certain they’d all survived; Thancred is probably dealing with his wounded knee (hinting at a possible future job change, perhaps?), and I’m fairly certain that Minfilia is dealing with whatever Hydalaen told her.

Now, assuming this is all true, and knowing that we likely won’t be getting anymore tank or healer classes until 4.0, does anyone think that it’s possible that Minfilia will represent the Dancer class as a healer? Continue reading ARR 2.55 and FFXIV Heavensward spoilers below

A thought on an underutilized Pld stat

Note: This will go a bit in to what my own vision of a Pld should be, it’s purely my opinion.

I have been tanking on Pld quite a bit the last few months and I also took Drk to 60 and have played both in Experts and Alexander normal, I’ll be the first to say I don’t raid savage and probably never will, but after playing both tanks I did notice one specific thing about Pld that I believe could be used more.

A Pld has usually been seen as a defender of the weak and using their weapon to destroy evil and holy power to smite their enemies. I feel as though Pld is severely lacking when it comes to the latter category, as is, Flash is only ever useful for AoE tanking and since bosses are immune to blind, I never even touch the button anymore on single target fights. As it stands the only reason to ever use MP on a single target fight is maybe to cast the occasional Clemency which by and large we never need to do. Continue reading A thought on an underutilized Pld stat

I’m so very tired. Pain Shared is Pain Divided

I struggle to find the will to even type this message…..In the back of my mind I always hear “they won’t even listen or pause to think.” However, I’ve seen goodness in the forums spring up recently (an appreciation thread no less,) and that’s enough motivation for me.

(More on this later.)

I’m so tired of defending a job I’ve been playing for over a year when I ask for….anything……when I determine I need a little more breathing room. I’m so tired of the lack of trust within the community to even hear my words and just consider them at their base value. I’m shouting in my heart just to be heard and only a choice few people listen and even then it’s only for a limited time. There have been so many people who’ve posted ideas with the best intentions to have them shot down by the community time and time again. As a matter of fact, that’s what bothers me the most…. Continue reading I’m so very tired. Pain Shared is Pain Divided

Put this into context of the 3.0 Main Scenario Quest

1.Odin freed himself from his imprisonment by cutting his own way out and has been wandering around Gridania.

2.Many adventurers have come across and defeated the elder primal in combat, but he keeps coming back for some unknown (to the idiot NPC’s) reason.

3.He has no known worshipers.

4.His history and origins are widely unknown. Though, there are some murky references to being an ancient warrior from a bygone era that killed some lady named Urth and a ton of her followers before being defeated himself by an allagan warrior and sealed in Urth’s fount.

5.After the Dark Divinity Trial (this is where those teeny tiny spoilers creep in) it is determined that Odin’s sword remains after every defeat, and it is theorized that Odin’s essence remains in the blade. His body is pure aether (maybe, I’ll get to that) and dissipates upon defeat, but his sword remains, so he never truly dies. He just bides his time until he can rebuild a body… or possess one. Continue reading Put this into context of the 3.0 Main Scenario Quest

Healers are supposed contribute to DPS in FFXIV Heavensward

While I know I’ll run the risk of getting flamed, I’ve been wondering for awhile why this was designed as it was.

Please don’t misunderstand the questions as complaints, I don’t have damage numbers I’m merely curious about design decisions and about what the job’s actual role is.
See this more as a White Mage role existential question ^^
Let’s start with an assumption based on the dev info so far.
Healers are supposed contribute to DPS in FFXIV Heavensward.

Cleric Stance
Now with this in mind, let’s take another assumption, Conjurer is the base class for White Mage job.
Cleric Stance is a CNJ ability.
Does it then make sense that the Job that needs to spend the longest in Cleric Stance in order to provide any meaningful contribution for the DPS is the White Mage?
I don’t mean this to complaint about White Mage DPS as I really don’t have the “average” numbers to draw any conclusion compared to the other healers.
But I’m rather curious about why was this the design decision?
Since White Mage is the “pure healer” shouldn’t White Mages then be the class spending the least amount of time in Cleric? Continue reading Healers are supposed contribute to DPS in FFXIV Heavensward

Normal Alexander killed my drive to Raid

First of all let me start off by stating that these are my opinions. How I feel and what I say represent no one but myself. It would be nice if there were those who felt the same but I know that many likely won’t.

OK so as the title says, I have zero drive to raid because of Normal Alexander. I haven’t logged into FFXIV for anything other than to complete the events. Let me just say that before 3.0 my driving force in logging so many hours of play was Coil raiding. While getting shiny new gear was cool it took a back seat to what is to me more important than a simple gear grind. Story.

As annoying as it was to have story locked behind raiding it pushed me to play more and I had a lot of fun doing and completing final coil with my static. But with Alexander Normal being a thing now I’ve seen all there is to the story of it in a day till they add the Left Arm of the Father or whatever. Continue reading Normal Alexander killed my drive to Raid

Silly duty roulette rant

okay i was in Halatali for my daily roulette today and, oh boy! Where do I start? XD

Okay so it was pretty obvious the party was pretty new to the game aside from myself (BLM) The tank kept getting hit by bombs and dying and the healer was still getting used to their role as healer, so was a bit slow on the draw with heals.

Over all we were making it through the dungeon pretty nicely considering. the other BLM in the group however, seemed to be of a different mind set. He/She(will go with HE since his toon was a male) would type “Bad!” “REALLY?!” “TANK BLOWS!” and so on, every time we hit a hitch. Now the tank made some mistakes but over all, he adjusted to them and pushed forward. Continue reading Silly duty roulette rant

Small PLD changes that may fix the class?


-Guards both physical and magical.
-Fixed block power at 20%.
Shelltron right now feels more useful as a super strong MP rejen skill than as a blocking skill since it only works against physical and physical cast bars are uncommon so timing it can be really tricky. With the Magical Guarding that would fulfill the point of the skill more accurately than it being what it is now imo.

-Any overhealed Hp on a Cover’d party member goes to the PLD covering them.
-60 Sec CD
-Cover takes in both physical and magical damage.
-Having Convalescence active while Cover results in full (or split) Hp healing for both players.
-All Buffs work and fully synergize with Cover if they don’t already. (If over powered, then increase the cooldown on Cover?) Continue reading Small PLD changes that may fix the class?