Allow for alliances to queue up for PVP?

Hello everyone!

To the amazement of many, there are active communities of PVPers within several servers. Many of us run dozens of times a week, and will constantly be pvping throughout the day. On several nights, we’ll organize premade nights, bringing in 8 people, 16 people and even 24 people!

It’s a blast, however the method we use to queue up is archaic and disruptive to queues. We have the party leaders queue up in English, and then have a vocal confirmation when the queue pops. If there is no vocal confirmation from one of the leaders, or a member confirms that there is no pop the two other PT’s will leave the queue.

This is disruptive in many ways, and I will do my best to outline them below.

1. We maintain priority within the queues, meaning anyone else on our server, who already is suffering from long queue times have absolutely NO chance at having a queue pop while we’re waiting as 24. The reason for this being, is we’ve essentially taken over the queue positions for 24 people. We’ve confirmed this by conducting tests while we’ve queued up as 24. The solo queue players who weren’t able to make into our 24 man group were simply left waiting for upwards of an hour for a pop. We feel this is disruptive and doesn’t allow for solo queue play while we occupy the queues. Continue reading Allow for alliances to queue up for PVP?

2015 14-hour Anniversary Broadcast Lore Panel Wrap Up

Hey guys! Fernehalwes here. Long time no lore!

Thanks to everybody who stayed up late to watch the lore portion of the 14-hour PLL featuring Oda-san and myself. I apologize for not having real-time subtitles, but half of that presentation was ad-libbed, so it would’ve been tricky to make it work.

I do, however, want to chime in and give you guys a quick, official rundown of what we talked about. As the focus of the talk was on landmarks located in 2.0 areas, most of the information was supplementary to what had already been revealed in-game through quests, NPC dialogue, balloon text, etc.

Bear in mind, this is a loose summary based off of what I remember we talked about. It is not a transcript, and some things may be out of order, slightly embellished, or missing. Continue reading 2015 14-hour Anniversary Broadcast Lore Panel Wrap Up

I leapt on the workshop the moment FFXIV Heavensward went live

I leapt on the workshop the moment FFXIV Heavensward went live, as there’s always been rumblings that this would be novel content. Each snippet of info we get has me more and more excited each time – perhaps not rationally, as I’ve no guarantee that I’ll get what I want from it.

What I’d really like to see is something meaningful and progression related for big free companies to do. I see gathering as the incentive so far, and that has me worried – we all know that it is impossible to entice the pve crowd with anything related to the crafting cycle as things stand, as there are almost no situations where crafted gear can be used to an advantage in the scramble up the gear ladder at 60.

Consider for a moment the normal paradigm – everything important gets done by eight to ten people, week after week. Nothing really comes between someone and their static. So, what am I going to entice my members with? What’s on the islands that they care about? What can we gather there that will matter in some unique way? Some suggestions: Continue reading I leapt on the workshop the moment FFXIV Heavensward went live

With Regards to Slashing Debuffs, Raid Compositions, and Tank Parity

Permit one to preface this thread with the statement that I don’t aim to create a “WAR IS OP” or “PLD IS BORK” or what-hath-ye debacle thread. This is not proposing entire overhauls to Dark Knight because half our kit works against the other half which is just a reskinned Paladin (even though it should be rebalanced because frankly that’s just silly). I write this with the sole intent to incite thought and reasoned discussion on one of the central points of the topic of balance between the three tanks.

This is not crying to nerf Warrior. I really don’t like how Marauder plays, to be honest, but that’s a personal issue and irrelevant to balance. Nor is this a demand to buff my beloved Dark Knight or Paladin, because plenty of other people are shouting such things from the rooftops already with varying degrees of linguistic competence.

Those opening statements made, I hereby accept the fact that I will like as not be lambasted for my statements here.

So, one of the key issues frequently brought up in regards to the discussion on tank usefulness in the context of both damage and end-game raid utility is the Warrior’s level 38 Marauder ability “Storm’s Path” and level 50 ability “Storm’s Eye”. I will operate upon the assumption that those concerned already know these abilities quite well, and make clear that this post will be focusing exclusively on the aspects of Storm’s Eye. The other two tank jobs, Paladin and Dark Knight, only have a single ability apiece which is comparable to either; the Paladin’s “Rage of Halone” and the Dark Knight’s “Delirium”, which reduce the enemy’s Strength and Intelligence by 10%, respectively. In addition, Dark Knight has had the accusation leveled at it for removing a use the Monk job once had with it’s “Dragon Kick” ability because Delirium’s Intelligence debuff was overridden by Dragon Kick. Continue reading With Regards to Slashing Debuffs, Raid Compositions, and Tank Parity

A Deceptive Boss, Possibly for a New FFXIV Dungeon?

I can’t greet people with an intro, sadly, due to the character limit. The boss’d be an Ascian Lord.

Phase 1; Boss has about 30k HP. Only an incredibly weak autoattack. Once slain, two chests would pop up like the boss was fully slain. The U.I. for completing the dungeon (Commend Menu, etc.) wouldn’t, though. Anyone who walks near those chests would die instantly. HP refreshes if slain.

Phase 2; Boss has about 50k HP. A slightly strong autoattack with Fire and Blizzard to top it off, and one additional ability, named Dark, that inflicts unaspected damage and a Healing Power Down + DoT effect. FFXIV Dark is usually aimed at the healer. He’d also be able to summon 15 adds, 10 of which are incredibly tough but have nearly no damage, 5 of which have a moderate amount of HP and deal lots of damage. HP refreshes if slain.

More below. Character Limit.

Phase 3; Boss’d have about 1,500,000 HP. An incredibly strong autoattack with Fire, Blizzard, Dark, and his add-summoning to top it off, plus two more abilities, named Iota and Theta.

Iota: would deal massive damage to one single target, usually the one with the most Enmity at the time. Five second charge, one-hundred second cooldown. Continue reading A Deceptive Boss, Possibly for a New FFXIV Dungeon?

Content- is what balances the Tanks

(Waffly wall of sapph-text incoming).

So right now it seems 90% of the posts on the top of the tank forums are Paladins wanting an increase to their DPS, tank-minded tanks saying they don’t like the focus on DPS being so important over survivability, people saying Warriors are hugely overpowered and Dark Knights being snarky. Random figures on damage percents are being thrown around as uncited facts, and everyone seems to be getting on each others’ nerves.

People seem to feel the need to justify their tank spot in a raidgroup, or feel the reason they don’t have a raid spot is due to their choice of class. It’s natural to want buffs, and it’s natural to feel a bit sad that Class Y does more damage than Class X. Continue reading Content- is what balances the Tanks

FFXIV Dark Knight Skill Guide

FFXIV Dark Knight Skill Guide (or “How I learned to love my great sword”)

This is not a tanking guide or a guide on the best rotation, or anything like that. I just wanted to give a nice breakdown of each skill and what they do and how they interact. It might be helpful to some people.

Mitigation skills

Shadowskin: Pretty comparable to rampart, this is a nice 20% defense taken reduction on all incoming damage. Capable on it’s own, and even better when paired with Dark Mind or Dark Dance. For magical busters, Dark Mind with this will allow you to mitigate very well, especially if you use Dark Arts on Dark Mind. For doing large trash pulls, Shadowskin + Dark Dance is also incredibly useful, as long as you remember to keep the targets in front of you. Dark Arts can make this even better. Continue reading FFXIV Dark Knight Skill Guide

Is it time to get rid of the PIE party bonus?

With the addition of AST to the game we now have 2 healers that give a PIE party bonus while only one (WHM) gives a MND bonus. This creates some imbalance as MND not only affects healing, but healer DPS as well. It’s in fact probably the biggest loss in an AST/SCH party and has been bemoaned countless times in discussions involving AST/SCH on this forum and others.

Now, I think everyone gets that party stat bonuses were added early to the game to avoid class-stacking. However, I think it is now largely obsolete because:
In terms of utility, the jobs balance each other out well enough in a typical full party setup that you don’t really want to stack a single class.
Similar roles typically give similar bonuses (MNK and DRG give STR, all 3 tanks give VIT etc.), with the only disparity we have being in the healer role. It was designed that way to promote having a WHM/SCH combo during 2.x and pretty much nobody complained because WHM/SCH was the norm back then. Well, it still is, but for different reasons. Continue reading Is it time to get rid of the PIE party bonus?

FFXIV Astrologian Card Suggestions

I love AST.

I love its style, i love how it works and i just love how it looks.

Just suggesting some changes i think might be helpful.

Naturally you may shoot me down saying “that wouldn’t help” or “missing the point” and that would be fine. One thing i have loved to see from AST being in a weaker position is all the comments and general discussion between people caused by it and some of the awesome community ideas. (trolling aside ofcourse)

Focusing on Card changes just because with weaker healing potencies AST should be the KING of buffs. At the moment its more like a prince but hey.. i always wanted to be a prince.

Card Changes:

Bole –
Bole already reduces damage taken but i think it would be an effective mix if we added a mantra style effect to it also which increases healing potency received by 10%. (5 expanded/15 enhanced) Continue reading FFXIV Astrologian Card Suggestions

I’m not seriously making this suggestion for this Final Fantasy XIV

First off, no, I’m not seriously making this suggestion for this game. I doubt SE would ever choose to do something like this and I’m not sure it would go over well with the rest of the community.

My husband and I had talked about it a few weeks ago and the idea has been swirling around in my head, intriguing my thought cells.

So the idea is basically, a player would pay $50-ish dollars for access to a Premium server(s). They’d get a more involved GM team that would run events and provide proprietary content. Maybe the dungeons wouldn’t get nerfed. The community would be restricted to the cream of the crop that are willing to pay that kind of money for that kind of VIP experience. Maybe even have more support for raid groups. Continue reading I’m not seriously making this suggestion for this Final Fantasy XIV