About that FFXIV smirk…(spoilers)

I’ve been curious about Tataru for a while now, specifically given the strange smirk she gives you right before your ill-fated party in Ul Dah. Obvious assumptions aside, she gave that backwards smirk at the same time we were seeing a lot of people’s smiles fall away when we left. Also, her dialogue states something along the lines of, “Well, goodbye then! Hmm…goodbye seems kind of final, doesn’t it?”

The fact that she is the *only* person aside from Alphinaud to follow is into Ishgard is also disconcerting.

My theory is that Tataru knew that the Scions would be betrayed and was likely working for Teledji or Lolorito (remember when she first became our secretary and complained that we needed funds, and mysteriously got them? I’m sure that she, of all people, would have seen the names of the benefactors), but that she was ignorant as to the outcome. I’ve also noticed that she, on more than one occasion, was simply not present for events that likely would have killed her (most notably, the banquet). Continue reading About that FFXIV smirk…(spoilers)

NPCs for Tournament: Still Completely Worthless

35 wins this week against assorted NPCs: ~1800 points.

Letting a friend lose to you 35 times: ~5000 points.

This is on Excalibur.

Now I completely understand that NPCs aren’t meant to be a replacement for playing against other players, but what’s the point right now? It’s factually more advantageous to just get a friend to lose to you. Not even 35 wins against King Elmer will even come close to that (and your odds of getting 35 wins against King Elmer aren’t THAT great that you’ll nail them). At most, that’ll reach 79×35, 2765 points. That’s barely HALF of what you can get organizing yourself easy wins.

There needs to be diminishing returns when winning against the same player over and over, or NPCs need to pay more.

Or, you know, completely redo the way tournaments work, because this is worthless right now. Find friends to rig the results for you or don’t bother. Continue reading NPCs for Tournament: Still Completely Worthless

Testing 1436 synthesis

Someone listed 5 dryad saps for 2.5 mil total (which seems rather low…) but I decided to take that opportunity (read, take a hit) to atleast start gathering data about crafting 1436 synths. hopefully these numbers can help the rest of ya’ll, as I always am happy to share any info.

My Craftmanship with HQ baked onion soup is 751. Thats the only number pertinent to this since I always start figuring out rotations based on how I”m gonna complete them. I never use rapid because I don’t like RNG in a completion step btw. This just a personal thing.

This test afforded me two chances to gather numbers, since both the mat and the final craft have the same difficulty and durability.

First hit, Muscle Memory VS NameBrand:
Muscle Memory (473)
NameBrand (442)

Opening with Muscle Memory is likely a must.

Size of CSII hit with IGII up: 176
Name/Brand Hits after Makers mark:
347, 274, and the last hit is smaller then 176 so only 2 hits of Name Brand are worthwhile.

since I was futzing around, gathering data was my priority over raising quality, so with 6 hits on byregots I got like 26% chance to HQ (I think, I wansn’t really paying attention)….
likely, with all NQ mats, the best you can expect consistently may be somewhere between 40-60% to HQ with the right rotation.

I actually should of fraps this because I missed some data. oops.

Also the NQ stats on astral birch ring are WORSE then HQ stats on hallowed chestnut lmao. I guess the main difference is meld caps, but who’s gonna perfect meld an NQ. so if you don’t HQ, its garbage.

and of course we’ll have to do this a crap load of times. this is just awful.
also, this is the first time we don’t have a cheaper food craft we can test on. le sigh.

Class Concept — Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage

These are just my musings on how I would like to see a Blue Mage could be implemented in FFXIV. Inspiration was taken from the FFXI class storyline. I tried to avoid specifics of Traits/Spells/etc to leave these up to SE, but I feel like the mechanics are sound. It will be split into multiple posts.
Blue Mage

Employing the legendary arts of the Near East, these formidable fighter-mages employ elegantly curved blades for close combat, while decimating their enemies with fell magic mastered from their opponents.

Blue Mage is a Disciple of War class that specializes in dual wielded Curved Blades and Blue Magic. The Blue Mage is a physical, melee class that relies on strength to slay their enemies with spell and blade. Blue Mage is a DPS that wears leather and cloth armor. The most important stat for Blue Mage is strength, which increases melee damage.

Blue Mage focuses on using weapon skills to build up stacks of Bestial Corruption. Upon reaching maximum stacks, the Blue Mage can release The Beast Within to unleash deadly Blue Magic to slay their foes.

The Blue Mage will receive cross-class abilities from Rogue and Thaumaturge. Continue reading Class Concept — Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage

Expanding Limit Break System

Limit Breaks are one of the areas that FFXIV can greatly improve.

Here is what I think they could do:
1 – First, the hardest part (probably only in a future expansion) – give each Job their own unique Limit Breaks.
1.1 – DPS Jobs would get a ST and an AoE Limit Break for the same level at 1 or 2 different levels, which might vary from Job to Job.
So BLMs might get ST+AoE at levels 1 and 3, and DRG at 1 and 2, etc.
2 – At level 15, you unlock your own Limit Break Gauge, but can only reach Level 1.
3 – Once you obtain a Job, your own Limit Break Gauge can reach Level 2.
4 – Your Limit Break action is replaced with Limit Break I, Limit Break II and Limit Break III.
So you can control what strength of Limit Break you want to use at any time.
5 – Duty Gauge is not removed. When you attempt to use a Limit Break, you use up your Limit Break Gauge first, and if you need more, then use any missing Gauge from your Duty Gauge.
6 – Since your personal Limit Break Gauge only goes up to level 3, the only way to use a Limit Break Lv3 is in a Duty, using up both your Gauge and the Duty Gauge.
So if you have Level 2 Gauge filled up, and Level 2 Duty Gauge filled up, and try to use a Limit Break III, it uses all your Gauge plus 1 Level from the Duty Gauge.

To compensate:
1 – Encounters might need to be adjusted to reflect this “buff” (increased boss HP, etc).
2 – Limit Breaks might also need to be weakened due to their more frequent availability, and in order to prevent them from being too strong if available in PvP.

FFXIV Lancer Tanks

So I know this is gonna sound insane but I actually realized this during a mishap earlier that took an interesting turn.

So I was leveling my Lancer and I was like one Dung run from 30. I think I was in Haukke if memory serves and in the last room where the bombs killed the tank. In an interesting little coinkidink, I skilled my lancer to tank to help a friend with some mob for a quest or something or another since he was a WHM and forgot to change anything back before I queued.

This is what I had on:
Flash, Convalescence, Blood Bath, Goad, and Shade Shift. I had a toss up of either Foresight or Shade and felt like Shade probably would have been a little better since i could quickly calculate the pay off since DEF is has algorithms. I also debated Goad vs Second Wind. Goad won out because we weren’t bringing a DPS with us.

So what that means is I pulled from three classes, Ninja, Glad, and War in addition to Lancer already having Keen Flurry (80% parry rate after trait) and Leg Sweep, a 20 Sec recast interrupt. Continue reading FFXIV Lancer Tanks

Final Fantasy XIV:Expanding Materia System

Here are a few ideas on how the Materia system could be improved, in a way that brings much of the awesomeness it has in FF7 and more!

[1] – Materia is separated into 5 types:
– Purple (Independent) – Stats – the current bonuses. There could also be percentage bonus Materia, if needed with a flat maximum like Food: +X% (max Y).
The flat bonus Materia “+5” would be best to compensate stats you might be lacking, and the percentage Materia “+5% (max 7)” ideal to maximize your best Stat(s).
– Green (Magic) – Magic
– Yellow (Command) – Skill
– Red (Summon) – Summon
– Blue (Support) – Utility & Linking with Green/Yellow/Red (see [2])
[1.1] – Green, Yellow, Red and Blue Materia do nothing on their own when melded. Instead, they can then be attached to Abilities.
Step 1 – You meld 4 Slots:
(Purple) +5 Str
(Green) Impact (adds AoE Splash to spell)
(Blue) HP Absorb (damage with attached skill partially absorbed as hp)
(Blue) Overcool (Cooldown on attached skill reduced by 1 sec when you use other skills)
Step 2 – Impact, Cooldown Recovery and HP Absorb become visible in the ability menu.
Step 3 – You attach Impact to Fire III, HP Absorb to Fire II and Overcool to Swiftcast.
[1.2] – You shouldn’t be able to stack more than 1 of the same Materia in a piece of equipment, getting a penalty when you do.
Example: Having 2 “+5 Str” Materia might result in a 20% penalty, ending up with “+8 Str” from the two combined Materia.

[2] – Materia Slots in gear can have Linked slots (pairs only)
[2.1] – By default, an ability can only be affected by 1 Materia, but by linking a Blue Materia with a Green/Yellow/Red Materia, they both affect the same ability.
So in the example above, if the Impact (Green) and HP Absorb (Blue) Materia are in linked slots, they can both attach to Fire III.
[2.2] – Some Blue/Support Materia may be Link-Only.
Example: Added Effect (Blue/Support) – Adds attached Ability’s effect to the Ability attached to Linked Green/Yellow/Red Materia.

Continue reading Final Fantasy XIV:Expanding Materia System

Proposing ilevel Sync for Great Gubal Library

I think there should be an ilevel sync for the Great Gubal Library, and I will explain why.

First off, I am not new to tanking. I played both Paladin and Warrior before Heavensward, but with the release of the expansion, I decided to pick up Dark Knight. My Dark Knight is currently level 59 (very close to 60!) and is the second class I decided to level with 3.0, having gotten my Monk to level 60 already.

I have not had any problems holding aggro in The Vault, and normally, in The Great Gubal Library, I’m fine. However, I recently had a run where a Summoner was very easily pulling entire mobs off of me. With Grit and Darkside up, I’d be Unleashing into a crowd about 4 or 5 times, and the Summoner would still get aggro, or get very close to getting aggro, within a few seconds afterwards. I did not realize why at first- I triple checked to make sure Grit was up, and I did not seem to be lagging. Continue reading Proposing ilevel Sync for Great Gubal Library

Gathering HQ & Extreme Bad Luck Streaks

I am aware of the nature of RNG, but recently I’ve been frequently having the following happen:

1 – With 4 attempts, 93% to obtain Item and 15% HQ, I get 1 HQ item every ~2 nodes (even missing a few attempts).
2 – With 5 Attempts, 100% Gather & 25% HQ or 4 Attempts, 100% Gather & 30% HQ, I frequently get 0 HQ items for 3+ nodes in a row.

This wouldn’t usually bother me, but it happens so frequently that I end up wondering – why did I even spend GP on Leaf Turn/Unearth?

So here is my idea on how to create a soft limit to how bad your luck can get:
1 – Whenever your gather attempt is successful, but fail to obtain a HQ item, you add your HQ chance to a “Luck” counter
It takes 4 fails to hit 100 Luck at 25% HQ; but it takes 8 at 13% HQ.
2 – You are elegible for a bonus to your HQ chance once your “Luck” reaches 100, and this bonus is equal to your Luck above 100
116 Luck = 16% bonus HQ chance.
3 – Whenever you obtain a HQ item, you subtract your HQ chance from your “Luck”.

This does not increase the average chance to obtain a HQ item.
This merely prevents you from straying too far below the average.

So about the “FFXIV warrior of darkness”

So at the ending the warrior of darkness was “introduced”. But why only now? Obviously, if there is a champion of light, there would be one of darkness. But why hasn’t he/she appeared till this late into the story?

Let’s put a two facts in order first:
1) Primals are manifestation of one’s imagination – In a sense, not quite what they said but you could interpret it like this.
2) The bishop looked at you (the warrior of light) as an evil entity

See the link I’m trying to establish here? The warrior of darkness that appeared in the cutscene was in fact the poster boy of Final Fantasy XIV – Who also appeared in both intro movies of FFXIV ARR and HW.

Using the poster boy as Warrior of Darkness may be Square-Enix’s way to prevent any form of spoiler leak. So here’s the big question: Are you, the warrior of light, in fact a primal yourself? If the warrior of darkness has finally manifested when someone imagined it, the same could apply to the warrior of light. After the calamity, the people of Eorzea may have hoped for a champion of justice that would aid them; they imagined you into existence.