Final Fantasy XIV Machinist Breakdown and Thoughts

So I’m finally getting down to doing this thread, of which I did say I would do in another post.

First thing is to explain my position on this class, keep in mind in no way am I trying to defend some of the problem this class has, this class is a Debuffer not a Supporter. In no way does Debuffer mean DoT DPSer, as some individuals who shall not be named believe it does, infact the difference between a Debuffer and a Supporter is all about how they go about it. While a Supporter will directly buff the party in some way, like a BRD’s songs, a Debuffer will instead lowers the enemy stats. It is important to note the difference as it will some what effect how the class interacts with the rest of the party.

Now one of the biggest things I hear as an argument to that MCH doesn’t bring any kind of unique debuff to the table that other classes don’t already have. This is both right and wrong. Let’s do a solid breakdown of the skills MCH and compare it to the skills other classes have that it would match up with. Continue reading Final Fantasy XIV Machinist Breakdown and Thoughts

An FFXIV idea for revamping the AST card system

I love the concept behind the AST, just as I love the playstyle.

What I don’t love is the fact that its healing is noticeably weaker than its predecessors to the point where the RNG buff system had BETTER make up the difference.

But that’s the thing: it really, REALLY doesn’t.

You have a 17% chance of pulling the card you want for any particular situation. There’s nothing wrong with that, per se, as RNG is intended to be a part of the class design, but by the very nature of this RNG system, the buffs should be capable of truly shifting the tide of battle, and I just don’t see it that way. Are they helpful? Sure. Helpful enough to forgo the reliability of what a WHM/SCH brings to the raid instead? Not so much.

Also, given the nature of the RNG and the design of the card system, I feel like the buffs should be thematically “flashier” and have a bigger overall impact on the course of battle. When an AST draws a card it should be the defining moment of the class, not the point where someone gets a short buff that helps but ultimately doesn’t compensate for the general lack of healing power (which I suggest keeping the same).

We’re drawing CARDS to determine the fate of a raid group, FFS! Give it PIZAZZ! Give it OOMPH! Make every card really count, I say! Continue reading An FFXIV idea for revamping the AST card system

Feedback: 3.0 Little Quality of life Changes

I should have re-named the title to something like, “Feedback: Bugs, tooltip errors, quality of life changes.”

So from playing 3.0, I’ve noticed some things and wonder if anybody else could help expand and add, for example:

High-Cordial potions are pink, resembling hi-potions. They should follow suit with Cordials which are orange.
The three new WHM abilities (Asylum, Assize, Aero III) look far too similar – Aero III’s icon should resemble and be in the same theme as Aero and Aero II, having the same shade of green. They’re too similar that I’ve accidentally used one of the other skill thinking it was Aero III.

Dark Knight’s ability, “Sole Survivor” is worded in such a way that makes it sound like you can apply it to a party member – you cannot. It works as Mercy Stroke.
The number of quests on the map, and the quest icons are far too big: they cover other quest icons, and you cannot tell or see an NPC who has two quests unless you talk to them. Change Quest icons to either look concise, smaller, and neater, or in such a way that lets you see multiple quests so you don’t need to talk to the NPC. Continue reading Feedback: 3.0 Little Quality of life Changes

GM told me place my Issue here for review. Please read in full

I quit playing over a year ago– We heard of the new expansion and was very excited to return and to pickup where we left off. We pre-ordered collectors editions and re-subscribed for the maximum time possible! We were delighted to return!

When I log in I find out my Free Company (One Winged Angels) is GONE! Not only did we lose all the contents of the FC bank but the access to the bank but someone even disbanded it! We put a lot of work into that Free Company! There was millions in Gil in the bank not to mention a lot of items! This was a small private Free Company JUST for me and my family. All contributions were made by me and my family. We kept all our Gil in the Free Company bank for easy access between us. Either one of out account was compromised or something!

PLEASE READ –> I have been informed of the 35 day rule that was implemented on March 27th 2014. (This was implemented well after we had quit, had we known this was going to happen– we would have banked the Gil and Items in a Retainer.) I understand why that rule was made. If I belonged to a Free Company that had many members contributing and building up the FC to have a Leader quit the game– it would be terrible that these players would lose all their time and efforts due to an inactive leader! I get it! ***BUT*** This is not the case of my FC. As I stated it was just my Family no one else contributed and someone clearly took advantage of this game mechanic and exploited it for personal gain by stealing all the Gil and contents of our FC bank and then slapping us in the face with disbanding it. Continue reading GM told me place my Issue here for review. Please read in full

Excluse male beastman race for next expansion after ffxiv Heavensward?

Yes, what I’m asking for is a an male exclusive beastmen race. I’ll be laying out the reasons why, how it’ll work, etc. I will also be doing it a manner that will cause unruly people to randomly derail the thread. Why? Because I’m not going to restrict myself on saying silly things when I’m not blowing it out of proportion (I wish this was the case; but, I can’t help but have fun with the miqo’te girl and imagery I pushed with her) Anyway, *cracks knuckles* lets start.

Just before we start I must introduce my opposition.

The questions I’ll be answering is:

1.How will procreation work without a female counterpart?
2.Why do you only want it to be male?
3.What about their muzzles/snouts/feet!?! That means new armor!
4.What about a female; what would you add for them?
5.Resources should only be used on what is popular!
6.What do they add?

Pretty much. I mostly did it out of fun. Otherwise; I asked it to be male exclusive as we know the player base wishes for female humanoid like creatures. This isn’t only for this fan base; however, you see it amongst all other games. It’s why I mentioned WoW, where you see plenty of male tauren, orcs, etc. However; you rarely see a female counterpart of those races. I do like letting emotions run wild, it is a thrill. I mostly made my counterpart out of humour to myself, in which, I knew wouldn’t be funny to anyone else. That’s why I said it in the OP. Continue reading Excluse male beastman race for next expansion after ffxiv Heavensward?

We know now that the FFXIV universe has stars

So I was just watching the last bit of Dialogue between Elidibus and Urianger and noticed something that slipped past me before. Elidibus says, “I would speak of fate, Archon. Yours, mine — the fate of this very star.”

‘Star’. This word stuck out to me. Why would he refer to Hydaelyn as a star? We know now that the FFXIV universe has stars, constellations, moons, and at one of the Fanfest Lore panels Fernehawles spoke of the Allagan having spacetravel technology, so it appears that the universe of FFXIV has a space design that mirrors our own in basic design. Continue reading We know now that the FFXIV universe has stars

Two reasons why an eviction ffxiv system is INEVITABLE

#1. It’s one board room meeting away, wherein a CFO or whatever they have over there in charge of “doing practical things with money” asks them why they’re paying for rack after rack of expensive hardware to host resource-intensive, fully fledged world zones for non-paying, non-customers. When that question gets asked, in that manner, by anyone with any kind of influence on what sort of funding FFXIV’s team receives, Yoshi-P and friends are going to roll their eyes nervously, stare at their feet, mumble something about player retention (these are people they already lost!), and every inactive account will be out on the street by next patch.

The almighty dollar is the bottom line, and it’s crystal clear which side of that line this issue falls on. It doesn’t matter what non-paying, non-customers want. What they’ve got right now is essentially an insane gratuity – they are getting something valuable for free. Continue reading Two reasons why an eviction ffxiv system is INEVITABLE

PS3 to PS4 ‘No Valid Service Account


Decided to upgrade from PS3 to PS4 by pre-ordering the complete FFXIV Collection that includes Heavensward from the PSN Store
Client boots up and log in
Get the ‘no valid service account’ error.
My PSN is already linked to my Square account and have an active suscription (last billing was May 17th for 30 days). Continue reading PS3 to PS4 ‘No Valid Service Account

Will auto log out be reinstated for the ffxiv expansion?

Hi there!

I’m sorry if this has already been clarified somewhere, but is the auto log off feature going to be added back into the game with the launch of Heavensward?

People who played back during the launch of A Realm Reborn will remember how it was impossible to get on to some servers, because people would just log in, then never log out, specifically to avoid the problem of not being able to log on because too many people were online (a vicious cycle!).

To combat this, an auto log off feature was eventually added, which would boot players if they idled in-game for an extended period of time. However, the feature was eventually removed.

I am hoping that they are planning to add this back in again, at least for a little while. When just the Gold Saucer was added, on high pop servers like Gilgamesh it was hard for people to enter the area. I’m sure that the launch of an entire expansion is going to draw way more people back to the game, and I would hate to see the same fiasco from the launch of ARR happen again.

Steam pre-reg codes not ffxiv cross-compatable with Windows version registration

This is one part info, one part “SE, this is silly, you should change this.”

I bought the boxed Windows version of FFXIV 1.0, since there was no Steam version. Hence, when I registered my code, it determined that I was playing that way.

I later played on PS3 and later through Steam when I got back into the game. While yes, I could’ve just downloaded the ARR client for free, I got it on Steam because I figured it’d be best for expansions so they auto-update the game.


While yes, it will download the expansion properly, what they don’t tell you is that if you used a non-Steam code attached to a Windows registration, you have to continue not using the Steam version. Continue reading Steam pre-reg codes not ffxiv cross-compatable with Windows version registration