FFXIV Nantes Gamewatch interview summary

I’m not a profesionnal translator so there might be some mistakes.


-They wanted to have a different system than the PLD and the WAR. They focused on the theme of the darkness.
-At first they didn’t know if they should draw darkness from life, TP or MP, after some tests they chose the MP.
-They won’t put PIE on tank gears and DRK will use the same gear PLD and WAR use, just like BLM they resplenish their own MP and don’t need to have a big amount of PIE.
-The need of PIE would have made balance issues because DRK would have needed PIE instead of STR or VIT and might become weaker than the other tanks.
-BRD and MCH can’t give mana to the DRK when he is in darkness mode because that would have make them dependent of these jobs and create issues while soloing or in DF.
-DRK aren’t only dark because they prefer to be alone but also, and you will see it in the job quests, because they are merciless with the corrupt priests.
-The dark and creepy words in all the skills aren’t because Yoshida said so but because Nakaji (it might not be reading like that, kanjis are ) wanted to. Everyone liked it during the presentations. Same goes for the animations and special effects. Continue reading FFXIV Nantes Gamewatch interview summary

Blame FFXIV Square Enix who don’t care about our opinion

Here I am*! Explaining some things I’ve learn so far. Haters gonna hate but I love Triple Triad and the only way to win is by win trading, So yes, I do some win trade against my alt characters. Don’t blame me for doing that. Blame Square Enix who don’t care about our opinion and didn’t change anything since we tell them what’s wrong. Yes, I manage to fair play the first tournament I was with my 65 cards and I get nothing because people where wintrading. So I just do the same as them to get my rewards.

I only miss Tidus from tournament at this moment but you know First win 170 000 Gold Saucer Point so … It’s not with the Lottery that I’ll make the 2 000 000 more or less we need to buy everything.

But I’m here to explain and highlight something which is terribly distressing. The tournament Top 3 is done in the first hours. Some one who play after 5 or 6 hours since the tournament has started will never reach the Top3.

Just look at those screenshoots and I’m gonna tell you why it’s impossible to reach us.

Rank 1*: My main character who took 35 wins from 2 alt character who also took their wins from 2 other alt character. Yes I take wins from 2 alts to get first in every tournament. Continue reading Blame FFXIV Square Enix who don’t care about our opinion

I’d like to say I greatly enjoy FFXIV as the game it currently is

TLDR at the bottom.

All the debates about open world content vs dungeon/raiding content that popped up the last 2 days due to info that monsters were going to be harder to fight has made me realize that perhaps there’s a disconnect between what I expect from an mmo and what the majority of my fellow adventurers expect.

As a disclaimer, I’d like to say I greatly enjoy FFXIV as the game it currently is, and the dungeon/raid content in this game is absolutely top notch and highly enjoyable. However I think there was some lost potential in ARR that can be reclaimed in Heavensward.

I guess you could say I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to mmo’s. Here’s a few reasons why:
I miss the risk and danger of going into an open-world area unprepared.
I like to play with other players I don’t know AND talk to them.
I overall enjoy the “journey” to the reward more than the reward itself. (ie: the funny conversations you have with people in your group when working towards something; exciting encounters where we weren’t sure we’d make it but we pulled through.) I’d take a night full of laughter and comradery over a night where I got all my drops in one go.
I’m focusing more on the first point, but obviously the other two points are tied in with it. Continue reading I’d like to say I greatly enjoy FFXIV as the game it currently is

Need help with FFXIV ninja

Just hit 46 and got my full arsenal of abilities (except kasatsu).

First problem:
rotation. I cant seem to maintain all debuffs and dots continuously without having downtime or overlaps. This is especially so after applying ninjutsu, which cause different delay to the timings and the movement needed for sneak attacks. I guess my question is more like, is it possible and are we expected to ensure all debuffs and dots are applied at all time?

Second problem:ninjutsu lags (or more like bugs?). My ninjutsu animations go off without the skill actually going off…

Example: if I try to use futon and click through ten>chi>jin rapidly and click the ninjutsu button, very often the RAITON animation would go off (as if jin was not applied). Naturally, I would continue with attacks but once I use a skill, the rabbit medium icon appears at the ninjutsu button. Basically, the skill didn’t actually go off. In the same scenario, if I keep mashing the ninjutsu button, futon animation would go off after ration animation, only that this time futon was actually used. This happens when I try to use Raiton too (then fuma shuriken animation appears when the skill isn’t actually used).

I reckon it is latency but just want to confirm with guys.

This is causing me to mess up rotations even more because I now have to wait and observe (which takes a while) to ensure that the correct ninjutsu is actually used, and making chaining dots and debuffs seamlessly almost impossible.

Been mostly FFXIV DPS since beta

So I recently started tanking. Been mostly FFXIV DPS since beta, and dabbled in healing a moment at one point.

When I’m new to tanking a dungeon I like to make sure the party knows that, but for some reason when I says this, one of the DPS feels the need to be the tank and pull. I’ve never noticed this much from a DPS standpoint as I’ve only come across this maybe once or twice since beta. This has happened in half of the duties I’ve said I was new at tanking. Here are just a few examples:

In Halatali one of the DPS decides to pull in one of the large rooms with bomb circling it and other mobs. When this happened I just stood there and watched, because if you’re going to pull I’m not going to help you. Simple as that. With kiting they were able to beat the two enemies. Afterwards I said, “Don’t pull please. I’m the tank.”

In the lv15 guildhest, Basic Training: Enemy Strongholds, the rogue kept going ahead and pulling mobs. We get to toad boss at end and he does a ranged attack pulling the toad as though he were a tank with Tomahawk or Shield Lob and then going all out on it. I had a heck of a time pulling aggro off of him. I had provoke, but didn’t need it, but almost did. Provoke would of done it faster, but the enemy wasn’t dealing much damage even to DPS being that it’s a weaker low level guildhest enemy. Continue reading Been mostly FFXIV DPS since beta

A huge disadvantage for new FFXIV players?

So, recently i made a new character on a new server, people don’t seem to realise how difficult it is to now do stuff once reaching lvl50, so today i am ilvl 66, it has taken me 2-3 days to get that, from doing CT1, and a few lvl 50 dungeons, and buying stuff from MB, today during a Copper Bell HM and a Brayflox HM people dropped out multiple times because me and my fiancee (who is a paladin) could not “perform to their standards” for example, big pulls, high DPS, and not loosing aggro (A il60 Paladan vs a 110 Level synced DPS) They were vulgar, offensive and selfish. Now We like to play the new player card, get them to explain tactics and such as if we had never done it before, and this went badly.

So my main worry is, new players that come once Heavensward is released, and later, they are going to have a lot of trouble.

P.s Yes we played the new player card in our FC aswell, too which they replied, “Can’t help you, busy with raiding, crafting, other stuff” over a 3 day period, nobody helped us, so we always had to queue.

Do you have the same FFXIV problem with the story as I do?

Am I the only one that hates having a mute-but-not mute main protagonist in a story where characters normally spit out full paragraphes. A character would basically say a full page of words, then look at the protagonist and your character would just nod. I wouldn’t mind if the main protagonist was a mute like Gordon Freeman, but your character talks. The story is really good and the characters are well developed, but the way they made the protagonist annoys me. Should have SE taken the GW2 route and gave the main character a voice?

The real issue is that they let use customize our voices. There’s about 12 of them, and it would be REALLY expensive (especially since some of the voice samples are from pretty well-known actors. In Japan, at least) to record each and every line for each and every voice. Not to mention it’d bloat the game even larger.
So they let us use our imaginations.

Plus it can be kind of jarring when dialog appears that we would never say. There ARE a few instances where we choose what to say, and sometimes it’s in “Squeenixish” and doesn’t sound natural.

Eorzea’s Next Top FFXIV Model

Welcome back, everyone! The Cosplay round was once again a huge success with some fantastic work from all of our models! Unfortunately we had to say farewell to three – so it’s goodbye to Aeon, Arrelaine and Kaya. We hope to see you continue to take part!

So, it’s on to round three! During the course of A Realm Reborn, we got to know the various beast tribes much better through the course of their various quests – so Round 3 challenged the models to take a shot in one of their camps! The requirement was that it HAD to be in the area where you receive quests from one of the beast tribes.

So, here we go! Voting is the same as before, order the models according to your preference. This week we’re losing two!

This week’s were rather well done, but I feel there were some hits and misses. All amazing shots! Though I’m not sure if all really fit the theme all too well. Didn’t really hate any shot, but some stuck out more than others this week for me personally. Just some small insights from me, nothing bad I assure you.
Brun Hilda – GURL… You nailed it this week! It’s so well thought out and sooooo goood! Truly sticking to the Kobold’s aesthetic, I’m loving it! Great use of the mount that actually comes from the Kobolds themselves! Love you picked the Kobold NPC that has all the tiny bombs surrounding him, really great choice! Background is a lil plain, but meh. Lighting is spot on, can easily and clearly see your character. Ok choice for glamors as well. I’m just so in love with your shot this week, GREAT JOB! <3 <3. Continue reading Eorzea’s Next Top FFXIV Model

Am I the only one that sort of kinda likes the nerf to FFXIV SoF?

The problem with the Trial was that youre asking a random group of people over the internet to cooperate. That usually almost never ends well. With the boss having less HP than before, you can still have a chance of winning even if you miss a large cannon shot. I’m all for difficult gameplay, but the way it was before was “Oh you missed a shot? Guess what, youre screwed. Now please wait patiently for the boss to slowly walk towards your inevitable defeat.” And with no way to reset the trial to a checkpoint a loss can be incredibly irritating just to go back to the one spot you screwed up on. “Missed that vital canon shot at the very end?” Hope you enjoy 10 more minutes of doing the exact same thing again.

Continue reading Am I the only one that sort of kinda likes the nerf to FFXIV SoF?

Fix FFXIV Balmung’s Housing Problem

There is a serious problem with housing on Balmung. There are multiple “dead” plots where people who have unsubscribed have a house they don’t use. People are selling their small plots for almost 6 times what they are worth. It’s not fair to the free companies who want to expand and obtain housing who have the gil for normal plots but don’t have the 6 to 8 times the amount of gil normally needed to buy a plot from a player and then buy the house itself. It’s ridiculous.

Every player across all servers should have the same ability to obtain housing–we all pay the same fee to play. If that means adding more housing for the bigger servers (and Balmung is the only one I’ve heard of that has this issue), then the bigger/more crowded servers should have more housing. It’s not favoritism for one or a few servers. It’s making the field even across all servers. There are more people on these legacy servers so there should be more housing to accommodate. Continue reading Fix FFXIV Balmung’s Housing Problem