Please Eliminate or Reduce A Lot of the Pure RNG Design

Examples: Atma, Raid Gear, Overmelding, TT Card Drops, or Zodiac.

Increasing Droprates is a nice sentiment but there are still those unlucky people who go 100+ FATE’s without an Atma drop or buy 100+ Gold Card Packs with no Zidane Card or run 50 Aurum Vale’s with no Zodiac item or lose 20 Grade IV Materium on a high-probability meld.

Please, I don’t know the term, but we need a increased drop rate per attempt up to a ceiling on certain contents.

Pure RNG has its merits for certain achievement items like minions, mounts, & vanities or things like Hunt Logs but I believe it to be too severely relied upon elsewhere.

I’m not asking for it to be eliminated altogether, just in key areas like where fair progression can be halted (relics).

I’m glad you guys are improving the looting systems for Heavensward but we also please need revisions to how you handle RNG as a whole. Continue reading Please Eliminate or Reduce A Lot of the Pure RNG Design

Ninja BiS Question

Hey all,

I am a bit confused when it comes to figuring out what I should focus on getting to have the BiS for DPS with my Ninja.

You can view my current gear from the lodestone here or Ariyala’s Site here.

Now as you can see, I currently have the i110 Arachne HQ set, along with the i110 HQ crafted jewelry, all with various melds.

Now I know you want to get at least 435 Accuracy, and I could easily hit that by Overmelding a few of my remaining pieces, but before I invested any more Gil into my current gear I wanted to make sure I had everything right.

I’ve read a few forum posts, and some people say the BiS for Ninja is a mix of Ironworks/Dread.. and then I read another post of people saying the i110 Arachne HQ set fully overmelded is the BiS for NIN… and that’s where I get confused.

I’ve used Ariyalas BiS Solver, and using the default Ninja weights it tells me to go with the Ironworks/Dread mix. While I understand that for the armor, more dex/hp/def, I don’t understand it for the Jewelry, as the stats for the i130 Ironworks jewelry seems subpar to me. Continue reading Ninja BiS Question

FFXIV and Controller/Gamepad Intermittent Loss of Control Issues

There is a thread in the “Resolved” section which mentions this issue, yet no resolution was actually ever found.

The problem is that in some Windows 7 machines (at least that’s what I’m running) periodically the gamepad/controller will lose control in FFXIV, meaning movement will continue as if the analog stick is being held, or a button press will be repeated a billion times, etc. This happens because Windows 7 is refreshing its Device Manager, for some reason, be it a bad device, or something else.

Interestingly enough, NO OTHER GAME LOSES ACCESS TO THE GAMEPAD WHEN THIS IS HAPPENING. So this is a FFXIV issue, not a Device Manager issue. It is something that needs to be fixed BY SQUARE ENIX and not by Microsoft. Continue reading FFXIV and Controller/Gamepad Intermittent Loss of Control Issues

I play a warrior/Final Fantasy XIV tank

Question for the devs – Turn 9 Tank Loot, Instance mechanics and Exchange options

I’m not sure if the developers actually do read the forums and collate feedback, but I’m just going to put it out here anyway.

I play a warrior/tank and I understand that the High Allagan Heavy Coat for PLD/MRD drops ONLY in Second Coil Turn 4 (Turn 9).

In the past month, I have been attempting this instance 10-30 times each day through the duty finder in an attempt to obtain the High Allagan Heavy Coat and have done this close to 400++ times and only 3 parties have cleared it without a loot drop.

Just to pre-empt un-constructive comments

1. I have tried using the party finders
2. I have tried organizing groups using Link Shells
3. I have tried organizing groups within the FC Continue reading I play a warrior/Final Fantasy XIV tank

your Chocobo and everything you’ve worked for as well as the FFXIV MGP lost raising it

Hey there! I’m been taking my time ranking up my Chocobo while doing everything else and got her to Rank 20 already.

Now the max Rank is 40, correct? And from what I’ve heard retiring earlier than Rank 40 is very bad and you’ll lose your Chocobo and everything you’ve worked for as well as the MGP lost raising it.

Now my question is I want to raise my current Chocobo to the max rank and possible get as many good stats on it for my future races I plan to do it and I like to swap out the Chocobo Silence I for a Chocobo Dash II (considering that’s among the best, if not the best, ability for a Chocobo to have) so I can win the higher rank races with more ease. Continue reading your Chocobo and everything you’ve worked for as well as the FFXIV MGP lost raising it

Arenvald – FFXIV Garlean half-breed?


I am currently leveling an alt and I am now at the point where you’re called into Waking Sands for the 1st time.

While chatting with other npcs I ran across Arenvald, an Ala Mhigan. He also has the echo (had that dream with Hydaelyn) and he and his companions refer to himself as a Garlean half-breed.

It’s very vague, but it seems like his father was a pure-blooded Garlean and may not have been a mere soldier from a conquered nation. It’s also emphasized that Arenvald’s a half-breed from Ala Mhigo. Continue reading Arenvald – FFXIV Garlean half-breed?

I’d like to be able to FFXIV craft up to 4-star

Hey everyone,

After taking a long break I’ve decided to come back to the game. Looking at my crafting, I’d like to be able to craft up to 4-star. I’ve currently got max-meld on most of my crafting class-specific stuff (though it looks like I need to upgrade my Choker and Earrings?) So far, the steps I need to take look to be:
Get at least around 60 BSM desynth
Use the Fieldcraft I and Battlecraft I’s to get the Demimateria books for LTW and GSM
Get the i55 accessories from those books
Get around 90-100 BSM desynth to get Mastercraft Demimateria
Make 4-star HQ/NQ tokens to get a Supra (boost up Quality bar without risking item to unlock Master Book IIs with RNG HQs)
Make the Artisan Offhand
Make rest of 4-star HQ tokens to get my Master Book IIs
Use my 100 Leves for ingredients for the Lucis turn-in
Moonstone/Oakknot farm daily
Get Lucis when the above 2 are completed
Make the rest of my Artisan gear
Spend all my money melding materia

Basically, I’m wondering if this is a chicken and the egg scenario. Is it possible for me to make the Artisan gear before I actually have it? Is my order even correct? Any guidance you guys could give me would help.

Continue reading I’d like to be able to FFXIV craft up to 4-star

Final Fantasy XIV Tournaments Competition

This thread is an idea from me, to add content to the PvP scene in FFXIV.

A long time ago, some time ago actually, I played an MMO. Can’t mention the name here but that MMO, to me, has an almost perfect balance between PvE and PvP.

They would hold a tournament, Colosseum or Arena, in a certain periods of time. Colosseum would be held 4 times per day, while Arena 8 times per day. Both of them keeps interchanging with each other.

I wasn’t very good at PvP, still isn’t. But what attracted me to PvP in that game was the idea of “Power Rank.” Each person would hold a power rank, so similar power ranks (or +-1) would be grouped together, teleported to an arena, gets locked in for a duration of 5 to 10 minues and try to kill each other. If you win, you would sit there until the timer runs out and then be paired with other winners of your power level and the fight continues. The duration of the whole event goes from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on how long the players fight (if you win early, you can go out early. If the timer runs out, a point system would determine the winner.) Continue reading Final Fantasy XIV Tournaments Competition

More FFXIV Cross Over Events

It would be great to see some more cross over events for previous FF’s, like the FFXIII event from a while back. Where you could do a series of quests to unlock equipment/hairstyles based on the characters from that FF. They could even add Egi glamours where you could make the Egi look like it’s counterpart from previous FF’s. Garuda could have Valefor from FFX as a glamour! That would be so cool!

The FFXI, FFXIII and DQX events were actually exceptions rather than the rule, as all three events had a deeper connection to FFXIV’s development than just fan service. They were event that actually all celebrated certain milestones in each respective title, and also had a deeper meta connection to the development team.

Specifically, the FFXIII event was actually a result of an in-joke between FFXIII’s producer Motomu Toriyama and Naoki Yoshida – where Toriyama included miqo’te racial gear and the level 50 GC GLA/PLD weapons as equipment for Lightning in Lightning Returns ~ FFXIII, Yoshi-P famously stated at E3 in 2013 that, paraphrased, he “would find some way to repay the compliment” by “finding a way to have Lightning appear in FFXIV ARR” – officially though it was billed as being cross marketing for Lightning Returns.

Continue reading More FFXIV Cross Over Events