Before the Patch

Greetings, everyone!

Bayohne here with our last peek at “Before the Fall – Part 2” before it launches on Tuesday!

We’re drawing ever closer to the grand finale of A Realm Reborn – are you prepared?

While this marks the end of the story you’ve been involved in throughout A Realm Reborn, the release of Heavensward is rushing ever forward! Use your time to prepare, finish up your goals, or take things slow each day and work little by little.
We don’t want to touch on the story at all (must…avoid…spoilers), so we’ll instead take a look at a few other aspects of the upcoming patch.

First off, there are going to be adjustments in the Manderville Gold Saucer. To put it simply, we’ll be raising the amount of MGP rewarded. Mini-games will grant you double what they currently do, and in Chocobo Racing you’ll get more MGP for higher ranked races. You’ll also be able to get an increased amount of experience points, so it should be easier than ever to develop your chocobo. There will be plenty of other adjustments to the Gold Saucer too, so be sure to check out the patch notes when they’re live!

Next up, let’s talk about the Magitek Armor mount!
There’s really no way to do it justice with a screenshot, but I’m sure fans will be excited to “hear” that the music has changed! Now when you climb inside your Magitek, that memorable song from FINAL FANTASY VI will be played! Believe me, we’ve been hearing the very vocal demands for this for some time now…

I recommend heading to Coerthas one evening when the snow is falling, forming a group of three, and trekking through the snow to relive memories long since passed!
“Before the Fall – Part 2” arrives Tuesday!
– Bayohne